Being Entrepreneurial in Your Career

by Unre Visagie

Being Entrepreneurial in Your Career

Understanding how an entrepreneurial company works helps to use some of those same skills in your job crafting a career will let you reap entrepreneurial wealth benefits without the risks of starting your own business. Working for your company versus working for a salary.

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We believe in the proven and natural entrepreneurial processes to acquire any skills or competencies to:

  • gain expertise
  • practice with partners and professional guides
  • approach your career like starting a business with the highest probability of success
  • run your career like a business and grow your career like a business
  • create wealth and harvest the wealth at the right time in the right ways

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A clear purpose for career entrepreneurial activities is essential. The following should be crystal clear:

  • Your career objectives
  • The industry and business environment
  • Timelines to outcomes
  • Clear communicated measurement of achieving the agreed goals

Following the simple Career Maker System processes you can easily let you manage your job to craft a great career as an entrepreneur, but with far less risk than a typical entrepreneur!

Learn the basic models and processes typical business entrepreneurs use to start and run a business. Apply these processes to your career and you will reap similar wealth business benefits without the risk of starting your own business.

Here are selected processes:

  1. Starting a Small Business
  2. Value to Customer
  3. Economic Value Add
  4. Economic Value Add and Profit
  5. Company Alignment
  6. Stages of Company Growth
  7. Shareholding Model
  8. Company Growth and Sharing
  9. Technology Integration
  10. Make Your Own Website