Stake holder management for careers in entrepreneurs and employees

by Unre Visagie

As an effective fast-growing employee manage your stakeholders in 4 effective levels

Why apply career growth processes all the time?

Why is focussed career growth important? (Look at “What is wring with careers today?”)

Why should you always do the analysis and communicate.

Should you agree, let us do it and please share back with us and your circles for mutual benefits.

Here we look at stake holder drivers and insights.

Two tools we apply to get started with Stake holder driving.

Maps in two view ports:

One must always do some segmentation to drill down and gain insights in your environment.

Preparing, updating and organizing with clear communication will drive your family, teams, links to other teams and managers. The outcome is more income and profit for all, including yourself.

  1. The circles maps and tools
  2. The Mind mapping style maps and tools


Further acceleration tools and processes to do more and thus earn more with less time:

  • Personal calibration tools and questionnaires for you to use for yourself.
  • Career alignment assist
  • Align your most important tool – YOUR brain _ with a career therapist.

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