Common problems with a team & business meeting

Chapter 5 p.8


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OK, I admit my last team meeting was chaotic. But what could I do? Some people kept on asking what’s the point of the meeting, others engaged in side conversations… Can you tell me what went wrong?


Common problems in work-related meetings usually centre around either poor preparation for the meeting or lack of control during meetings.


But how will I know what to focus on?

Poor preparation is often reflected in one or more of the following:

  • No agenda.
  • No/unclear objectives stated for the meeting.
  • Purpose not defined.
  • Too many items on the agenda.
  • Agenda items not prioritized.
  • One agenda item monopolizes the meeting.
  • Invitations that are vague or misleading.
  • Chairperson unprepared.
  • No prior research about issues.
  • Too many participants invited.
  • Participants not interested in being there.
  • Participants unprepared and not able to contribute.
  • Key players not present.
  • Decision makers not present.
  • Equipment not working.

Lack of control often results in:

  • No leader/facilitator – meeting dominated by “an expert” or whoever speaks the most and/or loudest.
  • Meeting lacks focus – irrelevant points are introduced.
  • People not showing up, coming late or leaving early.
  • Uninvited attendees.
  • Inattentive participants.
  • Hidden agendas.
  • Lack of questions.
  • Side conversations.
  • Interruptions.
  • Repetition.
  • Lack of value-adding comments.
  • No growth on issues.


While you’re at it, why not brush up on your facilitating skills…the Issue Resolution Model and the Decision Making Process would be a good start.