I Am Bored With My Job and Must Change Soon…

by Unre Visagie

Are you completely bored in your job? Is your job just one huge frustration for you right now? Do you feel you absolutely MUST change jobs or careers as soon as possible? Let master career coach, Unre Visagie show you to use your current job to find a job that will challenge you and make you feel good about going to work again.

Slide 1 (I am bored with or in my job and must change)

Welcome, I hope you enjoy this talk. Dean was bored with his work and he really needed a change. How Dean went about it and what the result of the story was should interest you if you currently have the feeling of being bored in your job. Dean realized that when we all work and invest together we would benefit together. Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay between the work and the benefit, that’s normal. Dean had these perceptions that he was bored with his job, which was the truth; it was his true perception, and his absolute truth. However, he realized that if he looked, approached it differently, and do a few actions, he could move to a tremendous space, where he could have a total change in his job.

What can be done, and what he did, to get rid of this boredom in his job to where he now has a tremendous job in the same company, sometimes you have to change companies, in less than three months. He does expect to get a tremendous increase early next year, because the value of his job changed when he started working together and looking at the future in the way we will propose just now. He was waiting for someone to notice that he was bored and he needed a change, but no one noticed, they were very happy that he was doing a good job. They assumed his boredom was related to other problems.

How did Dean communicate what he already does, and understand the value of moving to more valuable work? His boredom actually meant that he was ready commit to more valuable work for the business; this would benefit him as well in the end. How can he be paid right if no one knows about it? Now people really started to notice because he approached them in the right way. The decision makers need to understand the value of what he already does, and of what he can do. It is especially the can do aspect that is not always so easy to figure out, unless you follow a system and the golden thread. The golden thread is how you have always made decisions, what interests you, what really gives you energy, what makes you feel alive every day? Dean realized that he needed to look around the molehill (being bored) in front of him and that he needed to change his perception and look beyond, as each of us must do. He needed to see the great blue mountains beyond that he could climb. When the molehill is so close in front of your eyes, you can’t see beyond it. Dean just realized one day “I’m now bored” in a job that was ok before.

Slide 2 (Boredom means you have choices)

Let’s look at the perceived limitations that keeps me in boredom and then moving to the great space, which means I have now changed, and changed safely and securely. Dean realized that boredom could really be translated to being ready for new choices. I must make these choices very carefully; choice really is the spice of life. Choice is a very valuable thing, not many people experience it in their life. It’s something so tremendous and valuable. This is what the system is all about, he should communicate and then change to what he can do now.

He must communicate correctly because he doesn’t want to put his current job at risk, not in the current recession. It may not be that simple to find a new one. We took him through the secure, safe and certain way where he changed his view and his insight and he’s now communicating in the right way, he is now well on his way to be paid right for what he does.

Slide 3 (Answer briefly in two steps)

We are all working and investing together, moving from the perceived boxes to the great spaces, I want to introduce some elements of the integrated system to give you an idea. Secondly, we’ll offer a brief summary of the solution that you can use right now to break out of this boredom and go to a new space where you realize that your boredom only means that you are ready for the next level of progress. There are three steps; know, prepare and engage. We will look at each one separately in more detail.

What was true was that Dean could not stay in the same place, doing the same thing and waiting for people to notice. That would only mean that he gets less satisfied and more frustrated, and he would probably eventually change companies, to his own detriment. At least consider the current company’s opportunities if you come with a plan and you change. If you keep on doing the same thing waiting for different results, it can be seen as a form of insanity, based on Einstein’s old observation.

Slide 4 (How does the system work for all of us?)

If we look at this system slide, you can see you are driving into the engine of production. You can choose where you fit, you can choose to drive harder, be more valuable, understand what the executives want and how they are going to satisfy the shareholders so all of us can get more capital. Dean could get a bigger picture in the process; he could see where he could contribute more to and within his team. Which skills does he need to master next, so together they can deliver more value. When the client comes shopping, the client finds more value and pay more money.

If the client finds more value and pays more money, the company does better, I contributed, it’s clear to management and it makes a clear contribution to the shareholders. Everybody loves you. When you sit and wait and your boredom grows you become a cogwheel that drags the engine, you may even lose your job in the process. Versus what Dean is now doing, it’s a tremendous story, and I hope you will soon meet Dean on the web. He agreed to be a role model for us on the web. When we look at moving from the perceived boxes to the great spaces, using the insight in how business works, know what is my role, and a clarity of purpose, my purpose.

Slide 5 (Start with the purpose)

This takes us to the slide that says I should communicate my purpose very clearly. I should know my objectives, my tasks, when they are chosen well they should align with my purpose. From there I can dynamically create a mission and vision. This is a dynamic process; you can call it your strategy, to keep your tasks and objectives aligned with your growing vision and mission. Your vision and mission, tasks and objectives grow. If you keep them aligned, your career aim will be clear to everybody and many people will want to help you. Everybody loves a man with a clear purpose, especially if you can articulate it clearly.

Slide 6 (The right change thinking discussion)

If you understand the known, the area where you have no influence you can call rules. When you understand the rules, and you play the game, you know when the ref is going to blow. Instead of spending your energy disliking the rules, which you may be right about, but it’s still not changing anything, it’s not earning you the way out of boredom and the way to a better salary. Where you earn that is playing by the rules, making decisions, contributing, where things are both known and you have an influence. At the same time the process will let you gain access to new options which were previously unknown, because people love to tell a man with a plan, what next, what more, what else he can do. Therefore, you move the line and your space for production grows, you can look at scenarios in the unknown space in the long term. Play where you have influence and it’s known; grow and increase your space.

Slide 7 (Influence direct synergy)

Now moving to the solution where Dean is moving from a bored situation to a new great space. It’s very simple and straightforward. He must know what he currently does and for whom he does it. Just to entice you, you have to know the value of what you do, prepare, understand, discuss and communicate. Then you identify people you can communicate with and you find out what they need. If you give them what they need you will get more of what you need. You will then figure out what to do more of and what to do less of. Only you can do it. The door to success has a key on the inside only. You can make that key; you can open that door.

Slide 8 (Prepare to communicate to influencers)

The next step in moving from the perceived limitation to the great spaces is to prepare to communicate to influencers. You can understand that it takes quite a bit of preparation because this is an area you’ve never been before. When you go to any new area, the woods for example, you have to gain some information. How do you handle bears? How do you survive in the bush? What do you need to survive a day in the bush? Moreover, you prepare.

To prepare for your next step in your career is similar to an adventure game. You discuss it with friends, family, people around you. You prepare and seek more information so that your clarity can grow, so you can understand the space you want to be and the knowledge you need to do more so you can earn more. Once you’ve identified those, you have the insights and the inputs, you practise, like you would practise anything. If you want to go for a long walk in the bush, it’s a good idea to walk around a bit beforehand and check that your shoes are right. Dean now walks into the bush with certainty where he engages the people and takes the next job that he wants. He can even create it right now. The practise is critical.

Slide 9 (Engage and communicate)

Let’s go to the third step. Now you get ready to engage the identified people, those with influence that can assist you to do more of what you want to do. When you do that, you simply ask and share with your selected people. The sharing and the questioning skills are critical, and the support for that is all on the website. Respect and acknowledgement will get you a long way, when you approach people you want knowledge from and you approach people you want to share with and grow your job, in both cases if you are clear about why you’ve come to them, what you want from them, why do you think they can help you. That is like admiration, it’s like a thank you.

Recognition and acceptance of people makes them feel tremendously good, it’s just a people thing. I’ve never seen a prepared man being refused. We have young people in our pro bono work in universities and schools choosing jobs in companies and with clarity engage those companies. When they finish studying, they get a job with those companies. Last year in one university, we had over sixty students finishing their studies that got jobs that were never advertised and never existed. This is how we grew the people in all the companies that I’ve built. The processes were packaged when we built a big incubator to sixty million dollars turnover in less than six years.

Slide 10 (Fear and Fail and Risk)

Let’s look at a summary of the system and the solution combined. What stops people moving from those perceptions? From the perceptions fear is created, fear of failure is one of them, this makes them see a whole lot of risks that are not real, but to them it’s real because it’s their perceptions. Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, Fails simply stands for First Attempt in Learning. This is the way we have learnt everything in life, like learning to ride a bicycle, sometimes we even lost a bit of skin, but it was ok because someone was there to help us back up on the bicycle, and now we can do it.

How do you break through and go beyond the risks and the fear of failures? You know what you want to do, you know what you currently do, you go forward, you prepare and you engage. Your store of assets is all your experiences, all your personal aptitudes, your personal relationships, and a lot more. You need to understand; I haven’t found anybody that can properly do this list by himself. When you engage with friends, family and colleagues, they will help you to write an incredible list. They will also help you to write your life story, your golden thread.

The golden thread is how you got here, it makes sense to look for your golden thread, and it creates certainty and makes people very comfortable when you engage them with your plan. When you have this approach of preparing, exploring, engaging, you will find that all the resources you may possibly require are available, because people want to help someone with a purpose and a plan. When you go to someone and say: “I really like what you do, I believe that you can help me, this is where I want to go.” You won’t stop them talking, they will share their life knowledge with you. You share, you get that from a few people and you become clear. Therefore, it’s all available.

We’ve had the most amazing results in our companies historically, and Dean was awed at how many people wanted to help him, in his company, in his industry, his suppliers, and surprisingly some of his key clients that he had good relationships with. They all wanted to help him because he had a plan. Before he did this he just said:” I’m frustrated, I’m bored.” He became more frustrated because suddenly he was alone. Everybody walks away from a man that moans, but everybody loves a man with a plan.

This is like making your own staircase and climbing it at the same time, which is a scary thing, it is where all the perceived fears, failures, and risks come from. If you have a clear system with a clear plan and clear steps, building and climbing a staircase at the same time becomes a habit. We hope it becomes a habit to you, we would like to believe the program and us could become a companion to you on this fantastic road ahead of you. Where do you start? You explore, you prepare, you engage, and in the process of engaging people you grow and you clarify your competencies, your skills, what you really want to do, why you want to do it and why it is valuable to your company, your clients, and the team around it.

In career change this is especially important, because people do not realize the accumulated value of that, they do not realize the choices they have to apply it. This process will unlock that for you, and you will end up aligning your job with the industries and companies that you’ve chosen. Most people stay with their current company and job, just looking at it differently. They then align the work they do, that they choose freely, they create jobs and build a career, a career that is so clear you could call it a career beacon, if you put it out there, everyone can see where you are going. More importantly, when you get busy or stuck you can just look up and see your career beacon, and then your decisions become clear. If your career beacon is not clear, how will you know what to say yes and no to? You don’t! You will stay where you are bored.

Let’s look at this whole loop and process, you end up in charge of your future, you are always on top of it. Your career aims are aligned with where you want to go, and your preferences, you know what to say yes and no to. You end up with clear insight, knowledge and confidence. Then we can say the great spaces are right in front of you, you have moved from the perceived limitations of being stuck in boredom to an open space where you have choices, you make the choices, and you are in charge.

Slide 11 (Business and personal toolset)

In conclusion, we look at the business toolset and the personal toolset. If you look at the business and personal toolset, we put them on the same site in clusters, so that you can focus on a specific problem.

Slide 12 (careerdevelopmentplan.net)

In our big incubator, we tried to make it quicker and easier for people to become productive. If you look at the clusters, in this case Career Planning and Performance, there are a whole bunch of clusters about goal clarification and enrichment, setting smart goals, specific, measurable, accountable, resource, time and monitor. Those things have been developed to assist people in our companies. There are many tools and I hope it helps you to plan your road to the great space and boredom just disappears for you.

Slide 13 (Business and personal toolset)

The personal toolset is on the same site as above.

I want to invite you to watch out for the next Career Maker System email.

About Unre Visagie
I am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have built and sold many of my own multi-million dollar companies. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. I invest in people. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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victor rey r. angeles March 23, 2012 at 12:19 am

i am the head of the technical services section of a power utility in the philippines. i am in charge of the the land surveying, geological, and geotechnical investigations. please help me define my KRAs for the group. thanks

unrevb April 1, 2012 at 8:27 am

Thanks for the question!
Some generic questions that should start your KRA’s:
-It all starts with purpose, objectives, goals, tasks aligned with Mission and vision.
-Who needs to know what when – Inform them on high lights, low lights and happenings.
-When is the teams’jobs done? What is the Purpose of the teams’ existence?

Then what is your role in keeping the teams on track?
-1st KRA: Clarify to the team what needs to be done in the PURPOSE model.
-2nd KRA: Get broad agreement and buy-in from all members and your reporting lineup.
-3rd KRA: Ensure a growth program to increase results with less effort.
I am open to a call where I will share more implemented repeatable models from the many business teams we grew before!
Please book for a free session on http://careerdevelopmentplan.net/complimentary-coaching
Warmest regards
Unre (Master business and career coach!)

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