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  • Does it feel like you can see, but just cannot seem to reach that perfect job?
  • Do you feel stuck in a job prison, working for money only and not because you enjoy your work?
  • Do you want to get out of the job grind and accelerate your career growth in the direction you want to go?

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What I found over my thirty years of coaching hundreds of people to career success and some of those hundreds to million dollar success, is that most people place limitations on themselves.

Their own beliefs stop them from looking at their careers differently and break out of the job prison quickly.

Most people I coach believe that there are a set of pre-fabricated career paths and job descriptions and they have to fit their careers into this pre-fabricated box. What happens when I start my coaching process is that you will move beyond these self-inflicted limitations.

You realise you have amazing career choices alread!

You realise you have access to great and varied career opportunities right now! I show you how to look with different eyes. You will do more of the work you want to do and earn more and more money doing this work. You will begin to feel like you are not doing work anymore, because you enjoy what you are doing so much, you will not feel like you are stuck in the daily job grind anymore.

The people I coach choose the company they want to work with, they choose the job they want to do on an ongoing basis and they work in their industry of choice. They see a clear career path, have clear career goals and have the resources to make it happen!

I guide you to identify the most successful experts in your industry and help you engage these people. You build a very powerful group of trusted people around you and you continuously learn from the best, putting your career on the growth fast track!

What is wrong with careers today?

We are indoctrinated with the idea that we need to do a specific job or follow a known career path and we never break out of the career box! I will guide you to create and keep on creating the proverbial “golden key” to get out of this career box, or career prison as we refer to it and never do a day’s work you do not want to do again.

I guide you step by step to take control of your career.

I give you the tools you need to take the control others currently have over your career (like your boss) and place your career control squarely back in your hands.

Taking control means you understand your role in the company and teams you work with. Once you clearly understand your role in the company and team you work with, you can communicate effectively up and down the chain of command.

People start engaging you for the valuable resource you are because your bottom line contribution to the company profit and your team contribution is clear. Those in management knows your strengths and know what kind of work you enjoy, they know when and under which circumstances you do your best work and give you more and more of those responsibilities. Your team members are clear on your role and clear on the kind of work you want to do.

  • The right promotions become a simple matter.
  • You can clearly articulate why you should get a salary increase and get the increase.
  • You can delegate the work you do not enjoy and do more of the work you want to do.
  • You become a valuable and respected person in your company and team.

Grab your complimentary copy of the “The Career Maker System Action Plan”

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More detail on the career development plan action guide.

We have developed a career action plan that have changed the income of hundreds of people. We will be guiding you through this same process of creating your own career plan using the example of what happened for Nadine. We follow a three step action process:

  1. Step 1: A – Explore
  2. Step 2: B – Organize
  3. Step 3: C – Communicate
  4. GO – Implement

The simple six step process:

  • What do you enjoy doing, what do you want to achieve next
  • Identify the opportunity
  • Identify the desired outcome
  • Identify the specific tasks
  • Identify individuals that have the skills you need
  • Build and implement your career development plan

Your career as a constantly moving and changing entity

We approach a career as a vehicle used to progressively achieve more. A career moves and grows with your personal growth, it is always in motion. You change jobs and your career moves, you do a course and your career develops, you handle a challenging situation in such a way that everybody wins – your career building skills mature.

We found the most effective way to grow a career is to identify the areas you want to focus on first, then break these down into smaller pieces. For example, do you face a challenge at the office that require effective Team Communication or Project Management? Grab your complimentary copy of the “Millionaire Career Maker Guide” now. Type your email below and hit the submit button.

Grab your complimentary copy of the “The Career Maker System Action Plan”

Type your email below and hit the submit button…