What career is right for me. New Relationship manager career earn lots more!

by Unre Visagie

Which career is right for me? This practical story or example may be useful to you.

Andrew wanted to optimize earnings, future and maintain a life balance with family and friends.

Career development plan implemented for an advanced Marketing or sales career. We called it a Relationship management career.

Choose your next career.

You use your current job to prepare for the next one.

The right career is the one that use all your personal assets.

Consider a basket of career involvements or portfolio career.

I asked Andrew what his understanding of his assets are.

Like most people he could not answer what he enjoys and why he enjoys it.

I used some questions around the following areas to trigger him and the strengths came to the fore very clearly.

What did you do with family and friends, at school, further studies and work environments?

What elements of your personality stands out as strenghts? What elements should be compensated for? Do more of what stands out and less of what you should compensate for with effort.

What are your interests? Did you ever explore wider?

What are your aptitudes? It will be easy to focus on strengths and avoid elements that are less strong.

What do you value and believe? It will be hard to work with people with the opposite values and believes.

Andrew enjoyed communicating, build strong relationships and investigate new fields, companies and products quickly, driven by his curiosity and need to know.

He can work on multiple initiatives at the same time.

He follows through very strongly, which build further on the pillars of trust.

So how does he apply these strengths in what career is right for him?

We realized he could manage a basket of relationships to facilitate large funds flows and participate in the flow of funds!

He is now investigating suitable companies, having identified example companies so that he could start comparing alternatives.

We identified how he could use his current very nice job to expand towards the new basket or portfolio career.

Next we look at packaging and communicating the message to the target beneficiary companies.

He used Johari window to organize and collect all information.

He uses Transaction analysis to ensure growth in communication skills.

He uses  the model that says GROW YOUR LIFE INCOME.

He used the Balance wheel of life to ensure focus in all areas important to him at this time.

Implement the plan!

Attend events where you meet the right people.

Engage and participate with them in more events.

The contracts or job offers will follow easily.

Viola, the job is done.

Andrew now knows more about his strengths, aligned it with WHAT JOB IS RIGHT FOR ME.


Andrew will now keep on doing it.

About Unre Visagie
I am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have built and sold many of my own multi-million dollar companies. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. I invest in people. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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