What career is right for me

by Unre Visagie

What career is right for me? A question we often ask ourselves, whether we are just entering the world of work, considering a midlife career change or have been working for one company for many years. First time career explorers often find themselves overwhelmed by a the magnitude of options available and may, as a result, feel immobilised by a fear of making the wrong decision. Or we might often feel that the answer alludes us in that nothing seems quite right, we like a certain career path for a limited period of time and then we find ourselves bored and uninterested.

Being in either of these scenarios can be super frustrating and may even lead to one feeling a lack of control over the future and experiencing intense disconnection. As uncomfortable as this space may be, it is one where most of us find ourselves in at one stage or another.

The world of work is changing and it is becoming ever more prevalent that we cultivate a creative and dynamic attitude to what it means to forge a career. It comes down to continuous exploration of one’s own interests, aptitudes and talents while linking yourself with compatible work and business opportunities. This might seem like a daunting task, but the process includes some clear steps for you to follow that will add effective career exploration and engagement to your skills set. Finding and following your natural interests should be synonymous with answering the question “What Career is right for me?”

Learn how to equip yourself with tools to better explore and actualise your own potential, transform yourself from a passive passenger into an active participant whether you are currently in a job, looking to change career or planning to start a business.

To identify what career is right for you, you need to know what your core strengths are.

Do a few career tests and career quizzes online to get a good overview. Remember these tests will only give you an overview, these are not results to seen as absolute.

At the end of the day you will decide for yourself what career is right for me.

The right career tests and quizzes will help you

  • Build wealth during careers.
  • Grow your career
  • Choose a new career
  • Find, enter and grow your career.

Quick action steps to take now:

  • Link you with successful people in your career area wider than your company.
  • Learn more about your company’s clients, industry and company.
  • Grow communication skills while you learn more about your natural strengths.

Understand your strengths in the following areas:

  1. Your aptitudes:

Know and communicate you natural strengths

  1. Your interests
  2. Your communication styles

The outcome is that you will grow your core proficiencies and strengths.

About Unre Visagie
I am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have built and sold many of my own multi-million dollar companies. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. I invest in people. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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