The WAY we strive to work together

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I include our code of conduct and click on our WAY WE WORK (Click on Clickable version, click through the clicks and click at the bottom on Rules we strive to live by) comes into play here I believe.

Act in your self best interest at all times to grow quicker. Act in your best interest
We believe in open communication to maximize our productivity and rapid learning.
We believe the stories we tell about each other must come in the open facilitated by professionals.
The professionals are independents and work for all of us, reporting.
Rapid  learning and successful selling!
Code of conduct:





The objective of the code: to commit every team member of X2O to exercise his or her right to work with dignity, comfort and confidence.

(Work on employee employer to suit the engagement approach?)

A. Every employee shall undertake:


  • To do nothing to adversely influence any client or colleague in the performance of his or her duties.
  • To maintain the confidentiality and privacy of  your clients on Secoza NPC platforms and suppliers.
  • To perform with care, competence and courtesy, all duties and functions in accordance with the relevant manuals, instructions of immediate the companion and adhere to the code of conduct.
  • To be strictly impartial and professional in the performance of his/her duties and functions, and to do nothing by way of action, attitude, or manner of speech to give any other impression.
  • To reject affirmatively and disassociate him/herself from any form of intimidation force, sexual harassment, hostility, injury disadvantage or any illegal operations.
  • To keep safe all the materials and equipment entrusted to him or her


B. No employee shall without authority:


  • Perform any other duties out of his/her job description.
  • Use X2O letterhead for any other official document or supply any such to unauthorized person,
  • Make any changes to an X2O official document or help anyone else to do so,
  • Take any X2O material or equipment or assist anyone else to do so.

 C. Every employee shall undertake:

To attend all training sessions to which he or she is allocated ,

  • To report for duty punctually and to complete all forms or declarations required by Secoza NPC.
  • To carry out his or her responsibilities without bias, undue advantage or preference with due regard to the timely completion of any project,
  • To maintain and support an atmosphere of efficiency, dignity, integrity and security and not with-stand any objection, disturbance or alteration,
  • To continue to perform his or her particular and immediate duties with care and diligence.


 D. No employee shall:

 Directly or indirectly accept or demand in respect of the carrying out his / her duties or failure to carry out his or her duties, any money, gift or promise from any person.

  • Destroy, hide or damage any Secoza NPC material or equipment.
  • Offer anything other than Secoza NPC services under due authority to any client.
  • Smoke, eat or drink inside a client’s building, without the owner’s consent.
  • Found to be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs whilst on duty.


E. Every employee shall:


Accept that special conditions and or unforeseeable circumstances or events may require an employee to perform his or her duties under unusual difficult circumstances, and may be required to willingly perform new and additional tasks within his or her capacity, but which falls outside of his or her designated duties but are related to the services offered by Secoza NPC.


E. Every employee shall:


  1. Recognize the need for and legitimacy of the presence of any supervisor and or manager in the head office (Secoza SA Team).
  2. Accept the role of these person’s as shareholders and directors, and the right of such persons to object to irregular procedures or questionable acts foreign to Secoza tradition and objectives
  3. At all times respect diversity and maintain a courteous, impartial and impersonal relationship with all stakeholders (business; community leaders and community members).




Disciplinary rules: These are general rules that Secoza  will apply to maintain reasonable conduct at the centre.


The list is not intended to be exhaustive but is a guideline to structuring expected conduct of Secoza  employees.


Disciplinary Code


Misconduct 1st Attention 2nd Attention 3rd Attention
Repeated unauthorized absence from work or failure to adhere to working hours as stipulated. Final written warning Dismissal   



Private use of X2O property without permission. Final written warning Dismissal   
Influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs. Dismissal      
Trying to access or bringing prohibited material at the centre Final written warning Dismissal   
Downloading private material without permission. Verbal warning Final written warning Dismissal
Smoking inside the building Final written warning Dismissal   
Use of abusive language Final written warning Dismissal   
Failure to follow specified rules Final written warning Dismissal   
Late for work without valid reason Verbal warning Final written warning Dismissal
Failure to monitor work of juniors in the case of a supervisor. 1st written warning Final written warning Dismissal
Absence without leave, report or a valid reason for more than 4 consecutive days. Dismissal      
Disclosure of confidential information of individual clients or X2O to any person or organization without permission Dismissal      
Fraud, dishonesty or falsification of any information Final written warning Dismissal   
Theft of X2O or colleagues property Dismissal      



 Grievance procedure

 Definition: any situation about which an employee feels unhappy or dissatisfied.

  1. Purpose and intent.

 The following purposes are defined for the implementation of a grievance procedure:

  1. To ensure that individual or localized groups grievances are considered and are resolved as soon as possible
  2. Secoza and an employee(s) lodging a grievance may by mutual agreement accept the reduction or extension of the disciplinary procedure.
  3. Employees shall not suffer any prejudice of victimization in their employment as a result of their lodging of a grievance.
  4. It is accepted that the principles of these procedures will apply to all employees.


  1. The grievance procedure should enable employees to :


  1. Address their grievance to the next level supervisor until the grievance is amicably resolved.
  2. Be accompanied by a representative of their choice or colleague if so desired


  1. Lodging a grievance.


  1. The employee shall first verbally raise the grievance with the immediate supervisor.
  2. If the grievance has not been resolved within 24 hours of its having been lodged, the employee shall see the attention of management to lodge another grievance.
  3. If the grievance is resolved the solution shall be recorded on the grievance form by management, the representative employee shall then sign the grievant form thereby indicating that he or she has accepted the solution as set out. The employee representative shall also sign as witness. The completed form shall be placed in the employee file and a copy be given to him or her.
  4. If the management could not resolve the grievance to the employee’s satisfaction, he or she can take further steps and proceed with other legal processes.




I,……………………………………………… hereby accept the terms of this code of conduct as indicated by my initializing each page at the appropriate place and signing below.


Signed at centre on ………………………………………………… Date………………………………………..


Manager: Secoza project ………………………………………………….Date…………………………………………..