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Successful and effective people choose the success habits they acquire.

Now we all can learn these habits.

What are the easy steps then by which you can acquire any new way of work or doing it habitually?

  1. Simply buy a book or a course in the effective habits.
  2. Read the book or print one of the summaries on this web site.
  3. Share in your work groups, family and with friends
  4. Start practicing the habits.
  5. Gain access to people doing it already and make them part of the processes.

Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP) enforced these habits in the work teams. They had a train the trainer program.

We all have habits from the past. Our habits comes from past experiences, what we believe and what we value.

We learned these habits from observation of what works in our families, friends, schools and other interactions.

The highly successful people learn the right habits from other highly succesful people at home, school and work.

We applied the habits in our families, work teams and with friends. Our companies paid for the training and then we ensured that the training is inculcated in the ways we work.

To read more and get more assistance simply click here: Covey habits

To be or become effective means you do the right thing right at the right time.

Clear communicated goals let you focus and be energized to tackle almost any obstacle in your path.

We build teams, companies and more using the known processes. So can you.

Think back when and where you really want something. Is it not amazing how much creativeness, energy and drive you had towards this clear communicated goal?

Applying the seven habits with family, friends and work groups will have that magic effect.

Please share any results widely on Social media and in your circles of influence.

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