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This free sample resume gives you a summary template to work from. This short form resume template or a version of it, is what most recruiters are looking for. Short, concise and to the point.

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The Short Form Resume:

Resume Summary

Name and Surname


Personal Details: 46 years old with Masters Degree in Engineering, married (2 children); South African citizenship; Cape Town… Complete personal detail with contact details.

Core Competencies: 23 years in the Information Technology (IT) industry with

And Experience: roles ranging from software design, management of projects, divisions and company, business and management consulting, strategy planning and implementation.

Software design and implementation experience gained Philips, Teklogic and BSW Data, with specialized applications in distributed realtime computing environments.

Project Management experience gained at BSW, the most challenging being the delivery of an 80 man-year project to the telecoms industry that formed that primary revenue base of the company in the 1990s.

5 years Divisional Management of software engineering teams at BSW, and divisional management of stand-alone business units with annual revenues up to R40m, and team size to 80 people

2 years Divisional Management at Dimension Data, leading a software solutions division of 50-90 people selling to the financial services industry. Fully responsible for the sales, business consulting , implementation and support aspects of the business.

Business and management consulting experience gained at Dimension Data and Dejevu, where client’s business and management processes were defined together with IT solutions to support the processes.

At BSW Data, valuable experience gained with defining and driving the company’s strategy planning and implementation process over several years, including forecasts, budgets, and focus on human and intellectual capital.

3 years as Executive Director of BSW Data board, contributing to the company strategy formulation and rollout during a high growth period, and gaining experience in corporate governance.

Outside Interests: Sailing, cycling, scuba diving, kayaking, off-road ventures and music


Interests: Leading, managing and growing young businesses or business streams, particularly during the startup and growth phase, where structuring, strategy planning and systemization are required.

Another role where I can add real value is in business and management consulting projects to companies such as above.

Who should use this free resume template?

This free sample resume gives you a summary template to work from. Use this template if you are just starting your career or if you want to write a short summary based resume. This resume template includes a matrix to give a concise breakdown of your career path.

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The Short Descriptive Resume:


Name and Surname

Candidate overview:

Person X is a well spoken and quietly confident young man who was promoted within 5 months of his joining the SARS.

Person X obtained distinctions at University for the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Statistics and Probability; Database systems
  • Fundamental concepts (mathematics); Linear Algebra
  • System Software: Translators; Computer Networks
  • Optimisation; Internet Based Technologies (HTML and Java Script)





Residential Address

Contact details


Identity Number


Drivers Licence

Personal interests


Last school attended

Highest standard completed


Subjects                                    : English HG

Afrikaans HG

Mathematics HG

Computer Studies HG

Biology HG

Physical Science        HG

Tertiary Education

Name of institution: University of Durban Westville

Duration: 2000-2003

Course: B.Sc (Computer Science)

Subjects completed: Computer Science III

Mathematics III

Applied Mathematics III

Software Engineering II

Statistics I

Name of Institution: Fulcrum

Duration: 3 days

Course: Microsoft Project 2003

Name of institution: X-Pert academy int.

Duration: 3 days

Course: Managing by Projects

Name of Institution: CQS

Duration: 3 days

Course: Introduction to ACL

Computer Literacy


  1. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power Point
  2. C++, SQL, HTML, Java, Pascal

Work Experience

Name of company                       : South African Revenue Service (SARS)

Persal No.                                  : 00004668

Date                                          : 1 April 2004 – current

Designation                                : Business Systems Project Team   Leader


Planning and Design

  • Facilitate new development
  • Design and manage user specifications
  • Assist in the planning of tasks and activities
  • Manage the documentation of all the systems
  • Manage all installations and enhancements to software and hardware


  • Distribution of relevant information to parties concerned
  • Liase with clients to get data requirements and build quality relationships
  • Arrange and coordinate meetings
  • Act as mediator between operations and programmers, development and DBA’s
  • Ensure a good reporting standard on information to managers
  • Develop reports
  • Coordinate communication on custom systems from users and accept line responsibility
  • Liase with importers, exporters and agents on a daily basis

Information gathering, testing and training

  • Request specific data from DBA’s and programmers
  • Analysis and preparation of information for both internal and external clients
  • Support and give training to all internal and external users

Development:  Administer new development to all systems


  • Provide expert advice on customs systems and the use thereof
  • Compile statistics and performance for the maintenance team
  • Act as a mediator between business/IT and clients both external and internal stakeholders and clients
  • Do data audits on the systems and make recommendations to management
  • Provide help desk functions to all users. Administer all suggestions on changes and enhancements to systems.
  • Manage and monitor the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly requests on the system
  • Ensure best system practices are complied with and rectify all system errors
  • Ensure that all interfaces to external clients/branch offices are successful
  • Log calls for internal system problems/changes/requests
  • Schedule system backups

Reason for wanting to leave: Complete your reason here



Person X – Company and contact details

Person Y – Company and contact details

Person Z – Company and contact details

Notice period:

Salary (current):

Salary required:


Who should use this free resume template?

This free sample resume gives you a summary template to work from. Use this template if you are just starting your career or if you want to write a short summary based resume. This resume template includes a matrix to give a concise breakdown of your career path.

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The Matrix Summary Resume:


Name of applicant: Person X

Position applied for:  IT Junior Systems/project Engineer

Skills and experience matrix:

Technical IT skills Company/project where used Number of months exp Date last used
SQL (basic development) Studied
Visual Studied
Java Studied
System configuration Universal Service Agency 12 months September
Communication protocols



Installation and wiring Universal Service Agency 12 months September
Fault diagnostics Universal Service Agency 12 months September
PLC knowledge



ID Number:

Residential address:

Contact numbers:

Drivers License


Nationality and Ethnic group:





Highest standard passed:

Subjects:                           Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, English, Xhosa and Geography

Tertiary education:

Institution:                         University of Transkei

Degree/diploma obtained:     Bsc in Computer Science

Year                                  2001



Current employer:

Company name:                 Unisys Africa Limited

Position:                             Technical Graduate

Dates of employment           October 2004

Duties and Responsibilities:   Development of Models using Provision for Unisys

Research and Presentations

Reason for wanting to leave: To develop my skills and to explore different opportunities


Previous employment

Company name:                 Qhamani Information Technologies pty (Ltd)

Position:                             Network Installer

Dates of employment           February 2003- October 2004

Duties and Responsibilities:   Cabling, Software and hardware installation, configuration of software and hardware and troubleshooting

Reason for leaving:              End of the Contract


Company name:                 Unitra

Position:                             Lab Assistant and also assisting      standard ten students with mathematics

Dates of employment           March 2001

Duties and Responsibilities:   Assisting 1st and 2nd year students with programming in computer science lab

Also assisting standard ten students with mathematics

Reason for leaving:              Last year at Unitra


References:                      Person X – Company and contact details

Person Y – Company and contact details

Person Z – Company and contact details

Notice period:                     None

Current salary package:       $ 8 000

Salary package required:     $ 10 000


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Who should use this free resume template?

This free sample resume gives you a summary template to work from. Use this template if you are just starting your career or if you want to write a short summary based resume.

Click here to download the Free Microsoft Word version of this resume.

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The Summary Resume Template:


Position applied for:  Junior Project engineer



Candidate overview:


Person X has a 1-year experience in VB .Net, Visual Basic, COBOL and Java as a Programmer and 1 year and 4 months experience in MS SQL Server, Object Orientated Analysis, ASP, Microsoft 2000/XP, MS Office, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, Windows Server 2000. I have extensive e-procurement skills as I worked with the Ariba procurement tool.

She has 8 months extensive experience in Systems Analysis in an IT development environment. Agnes has  also had exposure to the full SDLC using a structured methodology such as UML.


Since May 2004, she has been working for Arivia.kom as a Jnr developer.




Personal Information



First Names:


Postal Address:

Date of Birth:


Identity Number:


Marital Status:


Driver’s License:

Criminal Record:

Home Language:

Other Languages:



High School attended:

Year Passed:

Matric subjects: N. Sotho, English, Geography, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology

Special training: G-Tech Learnership (Software Development)

Institution: CS Holdings – 2004

Subjects Passed: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

C++;         Oracle 8i ; Oracle 9i

Java2 version 1.4 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

Linux and Unix

MS Windows XP Professional Edition

MS SQL Server 2000 ; Soft Skills –         Project Management

Post-matric qualification: National Diploma Information Technology

Institution: Technikon Northern Gauteng

Year Passed: 2002

Subjects Passed: Information Systems I, II, III (System Analysis and Design)

Software Development I, II, III (COBOL, Turbo Pascal)

Accounting Skills

Cost and Management Accounting

Oracle (PL/SQL, Reports and Forms)

Visual Basic 6

Project Management

Information Technology Skills

System Software (Digital Systems)

Career History


Previous Employer: Intersolve Health Informatics (IHI)

Period: February 2001 – December 2001

Position held: Junior Oracle Database Administrator

Responsibility: Responsible for creating, modifying and maintaining the database.

Reason for leaving: Contract expired


Previous Employer: CS Holdings

Period: July 2003 – May 2004

Position held: Software Developer Trainee

Responsibility: National Certificate in Information Technology: Software

Development (NQF Level 4)

Reason for leaving: Contract expired


Current Employer: Arivia.kom

Period: May2004 – to date

Position help: Developer (Java, .Net, JavaScript)


  • Developing Ariba e-procurement system and maintaining the system.
  • Customises and integrates Ariba Buyer with the existing infrastructure, including backend and ERP systems
  • Understands and resolves the technical complexities of integrating the Ariba solution
  • Acts as a key technical resource for the client after initial deployment
  • Familiar in the following areas: Visual Basic, VB .Net, Java, JavaScript, and AML programming, networking, databases.


References:                Available on request (not preferred, rather supply a complete list)

Notice period              30 days

Salary required:          negotiable around $$$


Who should use this free resume template?

This free sample resume gives you a full and detailed resume template to work from. Use this template if you are applying for senior positions or if employers ask for detailed work history.

Click here to download the Free Microsoft Word version of this resume.

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This template will be very useful if you are considering a midlife career change


Business-Project Process Management and Consulting


Cell: 123456

Fax: 123456

Date: September 9, 2005.

Attention: To whom it may concern

Experience and Skills history – Name and Surname

This document may be viewed as a complete Resume with the addition of experience and skills acquired and applied description of roles, and description of projects which I’ve been involved with since the start of my career.

Career summary:

  • Software engineer
  • Support engineer
  • Project manager
  • Implementation consultant manager
  • Programme manager
  • Project Director
  • Business-Project process management and consulting
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Also acted as:
  • Chairman of the board
  • Technical operational director


Name and Surname

1.   1977 until 1986 – Employed by Company X NEW YORK, USA……………. 3

2.   1987 to 1999 – Employed by Company X, SA………………………………………… 3

3   1999 to 2001 Self Employed…………………………………………………………….. 4

3.1    Clients:……………………………………………………………………………………… 4

3.1.1  Company X – Period May’99 until Dec’00…………………………………………….. 4

3.1.2  Company X – Period Jan’00 until Jul’00………………………………………………. 5

3.1.3  Company X and Company X – Period Jan’00 until Dec’00………………………….. 5

3.1.4  Company X – Period Aug’00 until Dec’00…………………………………………….. 6

3.1.5  Company X – Period Sep’00 until (expected completion date Mar’03)…………… 7

3.1.6  Company X – Period Jan’01 until Jul’01………………………………………………. 7

4   2001 to 2003  -Company X…………………………………………………………………. 8

4.1    Managing Director Company X – Period Jul’01 to Feb’03……………………………. 8

5   2003 to Date Self Employed…………………………………………………………….. 8

5.1    Clients:……………………………………………………………………………………… 8

5.1.1  Company X – Period Mar’03 to Jan’04………………………………………………… 8

5.1.2  Company X – Period Jan’04 to Date…………………………………………………… 9

6   Roles, Responsibilities and skill set……………………………………………… 9

6.1    Project Engineer role:……………………………………………………………………. 9

6.2    System Architect role:…………………………………………………………………… 9

6.3    Validation/Deployment manager role:………………………………………………… 10

6.4    Financial and Contractual manager role:…………………………………………… 10

6.5    Managing Director role/responsibilities:………………………………………….. 10

6.6    Chief Operating Officer role/responsibilities:…………………………………….. 11

7   Client, Project and/or System description:………………………………….. 11

7.1    Company X Vanderbijlpark – Energy Control System……………………………….. 11

7.2    Richards Bay  – Coal Terminal Management System…………………………………. 11

7.3    Umgeni Water – Crises Management System………………………………………….. 12

7.4    Company X – Product Packing and Storage System…………………………………. 12

7.5    Company X and COMPANY X – ERP Solution…………………………………………… 12

7.6    Company X – Network Management System……………………………………………. 13

7.7    Company X – Network Management System……………………………………………. 13

7.8    Company X – Consultant to board…………………………………………………….. 13

7.9    Company X – Automated and Integrated HR & Payroll System…………………….. 14

7.10   Company X – ERP Maintenance & Stores System……………………………………… 14

7.11   Company X – COO………………………………………………………………………….. 15

  1. 1977 until 1986 – Employed by Company x.
  • Completed 2 year army as an Engineer (mines and demolitions)
  • Studied higher diploma Computer Science as well as BSC Computer Science.
  • Implement a monitor and control system for the Energy Control Centre (ECC) at Company X VdCompany X.

(Please note a very high level overview of this system in the description of projects and systems at the end of this document).

  1. 1987 to 1999 – Company x.
  • Appointed at Company x as a Software Engineer: As a Software Engineer, I was either involved and/or responsible for:
    • technical assistance during bid/tender phase,
    • design and development of the systems (mostly industrial related, i.e. real time monitor and control systems for the industrial industry),
    • installation, commissioning and roll-out of these systems,
    • support during warranty/guaranty period.
    • Support Service Division: I created/started this section within Company X after which I managed the internal and external support services, personnel, infrastructure, support contracts with both suppliers and clients, and the update and installation of new releases. This service included:
      • office PC’s/workstations and network,
      • mini production servers for clients e.g. HP400 to 900,
      • operating systems such as Unix,
      • application and development software such as Fortran,
      • data bases such as Informix, etc.
      • The personnel included help desk operator, 1st and 2nd line technical experts on call, suppliers for 2nd and 3rd line support.
      • Implementation Consultation for Prism (ERP products, currently called Protean): We were the agents for this product, supplied by Marcam (Boston, America). I was appointed Implementation Consultant manager and was responsible for:
        • Selling of this service to clients,
        • training and grooming of the consultants,
        • recruitment of consultants and other resources such as technical support personal, and
        • responsible for business results.
        • Chairman of Company X Holding’s board for 1 year.
        • Project manager for Company X and for Clients: My responsibility included:
        • the quality, time, budget, and resource management,
        • conflict management (internal teams, client, and supplier conflicts),
        • report to the business unit and Company X board re. progress, risks, planned initiatives, etc.,
        • sub-contractor management, and
        • financial and contractual terms and conditions.
        • I was responsible the following projects (varies between R4m up to R25m):
        • Upgrade of Energy Control Centre Company X Vanderbijlpark
        • Monitor and control system for Richards Bay Coal Terminal
        • Monitor and control system for Umgeni Water
        • Monitor and control system for Company X
        • ERP Business solution (Prism) for Company X and COMPANY X
        • Telecomms Network Management system for Company X
        • Telecomms Network Management system for Company X
        • Fraud detection system for Company X

3      1999 to 2001 Self Employed

3.1    Clients:

3.1.1  Company X – Period May’99 until Dec’00

The Company X group included the following sub-groups/businesses at the stage when involved with them:

  • Company X knowledge Systems
  • Speble Identification International
  • Channels Measurement Services
  • Erlang Communications

I was responsible for implementing the following processes, procedures, roles/resources, etc. within the group across all projects and to integrate across all other companies and/or subsidiaries:

  • Define project phases and deliverables per phase.
  • Identify owners for each process to develop and improve.
  • Project cash flow for the company with risks.

Understand and manage the impact of the projects on company and initiate risk preventative initiatives.

  • Provide production reports to the board consisting of:
    • Key Success Factors – Monitor and manage initial business reasons of the project.
    • Earned value graphs
    • Financials and Baseline
    • High level project and cash flow schedules
    • Risks and risk preventative initiatives
    • High level progress: activities planned vs. actual
    • Client and Supplier relationships
    • Team (health, efficiency and allocation)
    • Create and manage partnerships with local and international companies (project specific).

My current involvement with Company X is on an ad hoc basis when required.

3.1.2  Company X – Period Jan’00 until Jul’00

Company X manufactures all the HTH products for the South African market. Their client base consist of the big retailers such as Pick and Pay, as well as other non-commercial companies where clean water plays an important role such as Escom (main producer of electricity in SA), all the municipalities, etc.

I was responsible for the implementation of the ERP system, supplied by Wonderware, called Protean and include the following modules:

  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Customer Order Management
  • Financials
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Enterprise Management
  • Integration of all of these modules.
  • Upgrade to the latest version including hardware.
  • Final sign-off by Managing director, Directors or Managers of Production, Sales, Maintenance, etc. and Final audit of the company by external auditors.

At the stage when Company X contacted me, they were at the point to “throw” the system out due to the fact that they did not manage to get the expected services from their suppliers (local implementation and international product suppliers). The key success of this project was dependant on implementing formal processes by which the suppliers and the client (internal staff and management), can be managed to ensure clear and calibrated expectations for all parties involved and to manage the deliverables and milestones as per the agreed schedules and budgets.

3.1.3  Company X and Company X – Period Jan’00 until Dec’00

Company X and Company X contracted me as project director to “rescue” a project for them (they being the prime contractors), in Tanzania for the Government of Tanzania. Charles Kendall (UK) was the sponsor (financial) and Company X and Company X subcontracted the implementation of the HR and Payroll system to a local company in Tanzania. This project was way over budget and not going anywhere due to politics and a huge mismatch in expectations.

My responsibility was to implement the formal processes by which the project can be managed with appropriate penalties when any delays were caused by any of the parties (client included), and to resolve the conflict within the group.

3.1.4  Company X – Period Aug’00 until Dec’00

Richemont contracted me as Business Process Manager for Company X/Supersensor responsible for delivery of the project against the defined Key Success Factors (see below):

Key Success Factors (KSFs):

To ensure clearly defined and agreed to deliverables, initiate appropriate action to complete these deliverables and report on progress to the board. The key objective was to ensure that a clear baseline is defined within the period of 3 months, after which the board can define and agree on a 3-year business plan. Any processes used will be transferred to the existing management team to monitor and manage the rest of the project/business.

These deliverables can be summarised as follows:

  • Supersensor board, funding committee and management teams – clear and agreed roles, responsibilities, meetings and venues, and reporting structure.
  • Product definition – Clearly defined:
    • Design objectives based on the perceived market requirements,
    • Product Specification (PS) based on the design objectives and technical product requirements,
    • Test and Validation Procedures (TVP) for each function as defined in the PS,
    • Field trials and pilots to validate the expected results as defined in the TVPs and to demonstrate key functionality required for 1st prospects, and
    • User and training documentation and material.
    • The following were documented based on board input/requirements, external surveys and expertise:
      • Competitor analysis.
      • Prospect list and Sales forecast.
      • Marketing plan.
      • Supersensor business plan.
      • Wealth unlocking plan.
      • Partners and subcontractors plan/strategy.
      • A detailed project plan was provided based on the 3-year business plan.
      • Expenditure budget was aligned with the project/business plan.

In additional to this, I also acted as the Technical COO of Supersensor to ensure that:

  • The Supersensor operations are managed and executed to ensure that the product(s) are tested (benchmark/factory testing, pilot/field testing, and customer/application testing), after which the results were provided to the board.
  • Management and reporting of the administrative services (financial and HR).
  • Execute appropriate action to incorporate the administrative services of Company X (financial and HR subcontractor) in the management processes of Supersensor and thereby enabling Company X to contribute to the successful commercialisation of the Supersensor technology and business.
  • Address the Company X application development which may utilise the joint technology, expertise and intellectual value of the parties (Company X and Supersensor).

The key success factor here was to provide the exact status of the product to enable the board to make informed business decisions.

3.1.5  Company X – Period Sep’00 until (expected completion date Mar’03)

Company X has contracted me as programme manager for the implementation of a HR and Payroll system (R30m). The suppliers are Company X and Company X and are responsible for:

  1. Product design, configuration and implementation – Company X.
  2. Data conversion and cleanup – Company X
  3. Reports and Forms – Company X
  4. Interfaces to all financial, time & attendance, and HR systems – Company X
  5. Architecture and Infrastructure (operational & reporting servers, network, and user workstations – 50,000 employees)
  6. Unit, Integration and User Acceptance Testing – Company X
  7. User Education and training – Company X
  8. Internal and External Audits to ensure that the employees is protected as prescribed by law, e.g. tax, working conditions, etc. – Company X & Company X
  9. Change management – Company X

10. Organisation restructuring – Company X

11. Business Re-engineering – Company X

12. Competency based management – Company X

Each of the above are projects in their own and being managed by a project manager reporting to me. My main responsibility is overall project and programme management reporting to Company X board and Company X SteerCom and board.

3.1.6  Company X – Period Jan’01 until Jul’01

I’ve been contracted by Company X to fulfil the role as director projects for all their local and international projects.

  • Immediate responsibilities:
    • Company X – Project Director/Manager.
    • Monthly project reviews – all projects in Company X.
  • Long term objectives/responsibilities (to grow and improve Company X’s project management capability and capacity:
    • Processes.
    • Project management offices (local and international).
    • Training (project managers).
    • Recruitment and Contracting of project managers.
    • Escalation path for all projects.
    • “Rescue Pty Ltd” where required.
    • General – part of Company X’s senior management team.

4      2001 to 2003  -Company X

4.1    Managing Director Company X – Period Jul’01 to Feb’03

Company X approached me to accept the role as Managing Director of Company X due to the fact that I was managing 90% of the resources and finances of Company X as a result of my responsibilities re the Company X project and Project Director role stated above.

During this period we achieved the following:

  • Company turnover growth: R2m pa to R28m.
  • Staff growth: 10 to 35.
  • Business / market sector: Secured 1st of the bigger players in the Financial and Mining industries – FNB bureau with possible growth of 800,000 employees and Company X with 50,000 employees. Previously in the 500 – 2000 employee payroll arena.
  • Added Project Implementation, Consultation, and Support structures and methodologies within the company.

5      2003 to Date Self Employed

5.1    Clients:

5.1.1  Company X – Period Mar’03 to Jan’04

COMPANY X has contracted me for specific project(s) and assignments as defined below:

As Project Manager for the Company X Avantis Plant Maintenance & Stores System (Houston USA):

  • Project scope definition and management
  • Project budget definition and management
  • Project schedule definition and management
  • Project subcontractors and resource (COMPANY X) management
  • Client management (project scope and implementation)
  • Project change control
  • Project scope change
  • Steering Committee reviews and report back
  • Project invoicing (through COMPANY X)
  • Approval of any expenses (within agreed project scope)


  • Involvement within the COMPANY X project management group in order to improve project management disciplines and processes.
  • Involvement with COMPANY X management / business with the intent to secure additional projects in order to utilize the Contractor’s time optimally.

5.1.2  Company X – Period Jan’04 to Date

KSS contracted me on a full-time basis in the capacity as Chief Operating Officer responsible for the following:

  • Finance and Admin,
  • Sales and
  • Technical Services.

The main objective / reason for my involvement with KSS is to be the Managing Director’s (also main shareholder of KSS), 2-IC / “partner” in all aspects of the business ensuring that the operation is aligned with the strategic objectives and that processes are being implemented / enhanced to support these objectives.

More detail re KSS and COO responsibilities are defined under the following headings in this document:

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Skill Set,
  • Client, Project and/or System description.

6      Roles, Responsibilities and skill set

My role is dependent on the client’s needs. Listed below are roles, responsibilities and skills which I’ve applied/gained during my career:

6.1    Project Engineer role:

  • Detail definition of the What with exclusions, assumptions, interfaces, and trace-ability to proposal, client requirement (tender), Acceptance Test Procedure’s, validation and deployment plans, including business, performance and system effectiveness definition and specifications.
  • Risk analysis and preventative initiatives with proactive test plans to manage the risks and allow sufficient time for alternative solutions.
  • Ensure proper test procedures, plans and data to get functionality accepted i.e. ensure that the procedures are in accordance with the PRS and that proactive tests could be done to qualify and understand risk areas. This requires very close and continuous involvement with the client, dev and deployment teams, supplier(s).
  • Major skills: Focus on detail, Proactive planning skills, Verbal and written communication skills, Negotiation skills to calibrate expectations whilst maintaining trust, Maintain helicopter view of project processes and the objective(s) of the application to manage progress (assistance and sound board to project manager), highlight risk areas which needs escalation, Confident, Detailed and Structured, Tactful, Mature – non Defensive, Solution focussed.
  • Responsible for the processes and clarity to ensure sign-off of the system according to the defined and agreed scope and quality.

6.2    System Architect role:

  • Guide, lead and drive the system design with the client, the supplier(s) and us.
  • Ensure that the overall system will comply with the agreed performance, effectiveness and user friendliness.
  • Risk analysis and preventative initiatives with proactive test plans to manage the risks and allow sufficient time for alternative solutions to ensure the compliance above.
  • Ensure proper test procedures, plans and data to test system performance and stress and to do proactive tests to id possible risk areas in time to provide alternative solutions and minimise rework. This requires very close and continuos involvement with the client, development and deployment teams, supplier(s).
  • Major skills: Technical highly and versatile qualified and experienced, Very good design and diagnostic skills, Good verbal and written communication skills, Very good understanding of the application to ensure that the system will conform, Confident, Detailed and Structured, Tactful, Mature – non Defensive, Solution focussed.
  • Overall responsibility to ensure that the system will handle the performance as agreed.

6.3    Validation/Deployment manager role:

  • Ensure appropriate test procedures, plans, environment, and data are available in time for providing alternatives in time and to minimise rework.
  • Ensure sign-off in conjunction with the project engineer and system architect.
  • Plan for appropriate internal integration testing and continuous performance statistics to escalate problem areas.
  • Identify possible risk areas and prioritise testing accordingly.
  • Major skills: Very good logistic and proactive planning skills, Good understanding of the application and high level objectives which have to be met, Good verbal and written communication skills, Confident, Detailed and Structured, Tactful, Mature – non Defensive, Solution focussed.
  • Responsible for getting the system accepted and deployed on all aspects.

6.4    Financial and Contractual manager role:

  • Understand contractual Terms &Conditions to align with project/business financials.
  • Total monitor, control and management of project budget, baseline, forecast, and schedule(s).
  • Manage project schedule and maintain and highlight impact on cash flow and contractual liabilities.
  • Major skills: Financial control and management, excellent verbal and written skills, Contractual Terms and Conditions, Combination of detail and structure.
  • Responsible for tight contractual and financial control and management.

6.5    Managing Director role/responsibilities:

  • Financial control and processes including cost management including retrenchment of people in order to align with business capacity/profitability.
  • HR: Career planning processes, performance review processes, salary review processes, employee relations and conflict resolution.
  • Operation execution and management across all business areas and projects.
  • Reporting: Board meetings, executive meetings.
  • Sales & Marketing processes, execution and guidance.

6.6    Chief Operating Officer role/responsibilities:

  • Finance & Admin:
  • Sales:
  • Technical Services:

7      Client, Project and/or System description:

7.1    Company X Vanderbijlpark – Energy Control System

The Energy Control System (ECC) system at Company X Vanderbijlpark, monitors and controls all the energy sources in use by Company X. Company X is a steel manufacturing company and their main products (supplied locally and in the international markets) are:

  • profiles for construction purposes,
  • sheet metal as in rolled steel for manufacturing such as corrugated iron for roofs and panels for motor cars,
  • steel rods as well as wire for fencing, etc.

Because of Company X’s huge demand and use of electricity, they have an agreement with the supplier (Escom), which limits the usage of electricity per month. They also have different rates for different times in the day in order to spread the usage of Company X across the periods when the demand from the other users, such as household, re less. The “incentives” for Company X is in a form of penalties for exceeding the demand and bonuses in the form of reduced rates when working within the agreed usage. These penalties are of serious nature and can results in hundreds of thousands of rands per month.

It is not that simple an exercise to manage this demand within a company such as Company X, because of the fact that they are working with melted steel which can not be kept “on hold” in order to limit the usage of electricity during a specific hour. Very accurate planning is required to melt and process the steel and final products within the agreed electricity usage. The forecast from each plant is therefore sent to the ECC, which also includes gas, water, steam, etc. The ECC will then monitor the usage based on this forecast and control the usage by firstly informing these plants of any “abuse” so that they can reduce the usage, after which these plants can be stopped by the ECC, should it require such drastic measures.

The ECC is also responsible for the safety aspects regarding the distribution of these sources e.g. the pressure in the gas pipes, overflow due to unforeseen problems when they have a plant breakdown and can therefore not use the sources as per the forecast, etc. The objective during such unforeseen breakdown and therefore, is to burn for example access gas and to use the heat to generate steam. This new form of energy is then used to drive a steam alternator, which can then produce electricity to an island of users within Company X.

7.2    Richards Bay  – Coal Terminal Management System

Monitor and control system for Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT). RBCT’s main objective is to off-load coal from the trains, which transports the coal from the different mines within SA to Richards Bay, after which the coal is temporally stored in stacks (separate stacks for separate grades), then reclaimed from the stacks, transported to the harbour where it is loaded on ships for export to other countries.

The system provides an easy and more intelligent mechanism to pre-plan the off-load, and load, of the coal by creating plans for the transport routes of the coal based on the arrival schedule of the trains and the arrival schedule of the ships. The system will keep these plans (stacked one after the other), and can be initiated when the train and/or ship arrives.

There is also safety and performance factors which have an influence on the possible routes and duration of the transport such as cooling of the coal whilst laying in the sun to prevent ignition, once the coal is on a conveyer the conveyer can not stop – also to prevent heating in the sun, etc.

The return on investment for this system from RBCT’s point of view is to minimise the penalties which are payable should the duration to loan a ship exceed the agreed duration – these penalties are calculated per minute which you exceed and of serious nature.

7.3    Umgeni Water – Crises Management System

Monitor and control system for Umgeni Water Purification and Distribution. This system manages the distribution of water from rivers, dams, etc. to the purification areas, after which it gets distributed to the consumer.

The quality of water produced to the consumer is very important, i.e. ensure clean and healthy water. It is therefore crucial to know the source and route of the water to prevent it from getting to the consumer should they detect any problems with it.

The system also enables the user to manage crisis situations such as floods.

7.4    Company X – Product Packing and Storage System

Monitor and control system for Company X Product Packing and Storage. This system manage the receipt of the chocolate products at a pre-store area, the packing and sealing of the different products, and the distribution of these products to the designated areas in the store where it will be distributed to the rest of SA.

This system also allows for stock taking due to the fact that the complete production of the factory has to go through the packaging area before shipment.

7.5    Company X and COMPANY X – ERP Solution

ERP Business solution (Prism) for Company X and COMPANY X Product Manufacturing and Distribution. This system assist the client to manage their products from where they order the resources, all the way through production until it arrives at the planned destinations. It handles customer orders, delivery notes, invoicing, stock control, price structure and discount, client help and complaint desk, etc.

These solutions includes the following modules:

  • HR pay roll
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Customer Order Management
  • Financials
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Enterprise Management
  • Integration of some and all of these modules.

7.6    Company X – Network Management System

Company X Telecommunication Network Management system. This system provides a standard monitor and control system for all telecommunication equipment and routes such as satellites, routes such as fibre, copper, radio, etc. Standard meaning it collects and sends info to and from different technologies from a standard and central management system. This then allows for other systems such as billing, to collect and send information to this standard interface in stead of having to interface to each of these different technologies in the field.

The system also provides the user with other management information such as planning of the network based on the current network and load on the network, allocation of support teams where they can be most cost effective based on the density and usage of the network in specific areas around the country.

The project consisted of 5 subcontractors which were managed by the prime contractor, i.e. us. These suppliers included HPS, Siemens, ATIO, etc.

7.7    Company X – Network Management System

Company X Telecommunication Network Management system. Same as above but for SA.

Company X Fraud Detection system. This system is created to detect when anyone wants to defraud Telkom by means of using the service with no intention to pay for it. It is based on the way in which the brain recognises similar patterns, e.g. if you show someone a picture of a bird and then only show the tips of the wings and head, it will still recognise it as a bird or a possibility that it might be a bird. In the same way the system is taught what a “complete” fraud looks like after which it will alarm the user when it detects something similar. It also teaches itself every time it receives more information which are fraud specific.

The main subcontractor here was based in England which made cross company management an essential skill/requirement.

7.8    Company X – Consultant to board

Company X Group has the following products and/or solutions which are either being distributed or developed for distribution:

  • Element Manager for equipment used in the Telkom industry.
  • Building management systems.
  • Equipment calibration services.
  • Asset management services.
  • Consultation for process control systems such as railway control and management.
  • Tracking systems for the industrial market as well as within the sports arena (cycling, running, and other marathons, i.e. to track the athletes within any given race.
  • Venture capital projects (local and international).
  • Manufacture of medical equipment and products for the US market.

The design objectives of Company X at the point when I was contracted as COO were to “provide an electronic tag that will hold at least an EAN13 code that can be readily attached to any item. It should be flexible and rugged. Its form factor should allow it to be compatible with the more common standardised labels. The data should be readily programmable by the customer. Once programmed the data should be non-alterable. When used in conjunction with a suitable reader, should provide an operating range of at least 1.5 meters under license free conditions”.

At the time of the development of the Generation I tag the competing technologies were Bar coding and earlier RFID systems. Both of these systems have several drawbacks. Earlier RFID products existed when development of the Company X system was started, but they had certain limitations and Company X believed that they could address those limitations and therefore capture the gap in the market.

My role was to assist with normal operational management and to ensure appropriate project and business plans, put in place to enable Company X to deliver against objectives and milestones, defined by the board/shareholders.

7.9    Company X – Automated and Integrated HR & Payroll System

Gold fields HR & Payroll system. The following objectives were addressed during the definition phase by the project team to ensure that the product and required processes comply:

  • “To address the poor audit, costing and security controls in the current outdated and expensive HR and payroll systems by implementing a solution with the capabilities to improve these controls”.
  • “To address the seven (7) different payrolls currently used by Company X Limited – 50,000 employees.  The current payrolls may be seen as discriminatory in their very nature due to the anomalies in conditions, practices and processes”.
  • “A solution is required to assist Company X Limited in its drive to become a competency based organisation which is committed to developing its people”.
  • “To introduce, in the most efficient and cost effective way, a common and integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution which will assist in centralising certain appropriate HR and Payroll processes and activities”.
  • “The implementation of an integrated HR/Payroll solution creates a window of opportunity to standardise and simplify processes and conditions of employment within Company X Limited.  This opportunity should especially be seen in the light of the status quo of differences and anomalies, which exists between operations and regions”.
  • “To assimilate best practices in the design of HR and Payroll processes and policies”.

7.10   Company X – ERP Maintenance & Stores System

Company X Plant Maintenance & Stores System – Houston USA. Company X is situated in Houston which is one of the hubs of the chemical industry of the USA. It consequently finds itself in an extremely competitive environment. To ensure that Company X remains competitive in the future, the management has instituted various initiatives to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the initiatives embarked upon is an improved Plant Maintenance system and procedure. It has become apparent that significant cost savings are possible with an effective Plant Maintenance system that can track and monitor all maintenance costs and activities. Proper planned maintenance and stores management can further improve overall plant efficiency.

Due to the fact that upgraded version of Protean has been deployed throughout DX Service, the intention is to implement the Production Modelling module of Protean as well to optimize the production process. Linking the Plant Maintenance and Production Modelling features of Protean is expected to afford significantly improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Organizational change drivers (Dx): The recent promotion of Phil Johnson to Vice President with overall management responsibility for Company X, emphasizes the determination of the company to improve operational efficiency and the competitive position of Company X.

The company has also appointed an experienced chemical plant manager to assist Phil Johnson in identifying critical areas that require improvement. Plant Maintenance has already been identified as a high priority item

The business benefits that will be realized from the DX Avantis Plant Maintenance & Stores System will be measured in terms of cost reduction of Plant Maintenance and Stores, improved efficiency in plant maintenance operations and maintenance shutdowns and efficient contractor and maintenance staff management.

Specific objectives that will be obtained as a result of improved business processes using Avantis as an information tool supporting the new processes:

  1. Reduce Maintenance Staff with 50%.
  2. Improve utilization of Maintenance Resources from 30% to 70%.
  3. Reduce Maintenance Cost with at least 25%.
  4. Additional benefits that will be identified as a result of the USC Consulting Group initiative to review the current business processes in order to improve according to best practices, will be incorporated within this project where feasible.

7.11   Company X – COO

Company X (Proprietary) Limited (KSS), a member of the Kunene Bros Holdings group and an empowerment organisation committed to the successful transformation of the South African economy and society, has been providing business benefits to organisations for more than a decade and the main focus areas are:

Network Solutions

With its alignment to global technology leaders such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Nortel, IBM and Compaq, KSS is ideally positioned to address any connectivity and communications challenge spanning multiple computing platforms and enabling access to information from anywhere and at any time.

KSS has a proven track-record in providing infrastructure to support effective, resilient, disaster-proof local and wide area networking and the fast-emerging technologies associated with network attached storage and storage area networking.

IT Services

In order to support the complete solutions lifecycle KSS offer a full complement of both Professional and Managed services.

Professional Services: Following the solutions lifecycle from consulting through design and procurement and into integration services KSS is able to provide customers with tailor-made solutions addressing real business needs. All solutions implementation projects are supported with proven project management methodologies, minimizing risks and ensuring smooth on-time and in-budget implementations.

Managed (operational) Services

Completing the solutions lifecycle, KSS offers a range of outsourced services allowing its customers to enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing without any of the risks involved. With services such as:

  • Remote Systems Management (RSM);
  • Comprehensive Care (hardware and software support);
  • Outsourced IT management;
  • Remote or on-site Helpdesk services

and various others, customers can focus on their core business activities with the operational aspects of managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure in the hands of skills professionals. All the above services are offered in terms of comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Partnered Services: In order to provider a comprehensive service offering, KSS closely partners with selected industry specialists. These partners are all leaders in fields such Business continuity planning (BCP), IT Recovery services, security penetration testing, information security analysis, training and facilities design and implementation.

Solutions focus

By combining products from world leading suppliers with our own skills and expertise we are able to offer customers turnkey solutions in the following areas:

  • Private data networks (LAN/WAN)
  • Networked Voice integration for IP Telephony (LAN) and Toll Bypass (WAN)
  • WAN optimisation solutions using Enterprise caching, compression and QoS technology
  • Networked Video integration for video conferencing, security and similar requirements
  • Wireless and Remote Access network solutions, both fixed and mobile
  • Security solutions including Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Content Management.
  • Clustered and consolidated server platforms including SAN and NAS storage technology
  • Unified Messaging (email/fax/voice)
  • Workflow solutions &       Document Management

Vendor Accreditation

KSS has developed its technical strengths by aligning itself to and complying with the standards of the following world-class vendor programmes:

IBM Server Business Partner

  • xSeries & Storage certified
  • x440 Series certification in progress

Cisco Silver Certified Partner

  • Wireless specialization
  • VPN/Security specialization
  • #1 in 2001/2 PSAT customer satisfaction ratings in South Africa
  • #2 in 2002/3 PSAT customer satisfaction ratings in South Africa

Expand Value Added Reseller

  • Sole Expand appointed National support partner.

Mitel IP Telephony Partner

Hewlett Packard VAR

  • Enterprise & Storage Certification
  • #1 Diamond Partner in 2002

Microsoft Solutions Provider

Citrix Silver Partner

Novell Business Expert

Goldmine Business Partner.

8      References

The positions of the following references are as per the time of involvement i.e. not necessary current positions.

Reference Position
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Person X Company, position and Contact details
Person X Company, position and Contact details
Person X Company, position and Contact details
Person X Company, position and Contact details