Changing Careers

Midlife Career Change

We have coached many people from all walks of life through midlife career changes in different companies and in our personal career coaching practice. Eventually we came to a standard template that works for most people thinking of changing careers.

The key issue we found is that many people think they are their jobs. When asked them who they are and most people answered I am a “Doctor”, I am an “IT Professional”, or “I am a Teacher” they in some way link their person to their job or their last qualification.

The specific work you feel you can do the best or want to do the best defines who you are. For example, a project manager answered I am an accountant 20 years ago.

During a midlife career change, it is critical that you know what kind of work you want to do more of and what kind of work you want to do less of.

Exploring what you want to do less of and more of in your new career

If you are clear on exactly what you want, it becomes easy to communicate your “Career Change Message” to the right place and the right people. With a clear message, you can make smooth transition in a midlife career change. You have years of work experience and abilities and these skills are worth much to companies. Even though your current work experience might not overlap 100% with your new direction, your skills and workplace experience is still worth gold.

If you are planning a midlife career change, it is very important to get the exact job you want in the precise industry of your choice and in the geographical area, you want to work. The chances that you will make a major career change again later in your life are small, which makes the career change choices you make now incredibly important.

Remember you are the only steward of your work life, what you do and what you earn. No one else really cares.

Let us begin to get clarity on your mid life career change

First, let me ask you a very important question.

Do you believe you have a choice? It is extremely important you absolutely believe you have choices, be confident in yourself and your life experience. To make a midlife career change is a major move; you need to get your mind in the right place. Your confidence will shine though in everything you do from here on forward.

We truly live in the best time ever in access to knowledge, communication and travel resources.

Now let us follow a process to gain that critical clarity in your communication on the industry and the work you want. Clarity is vital in middle-life career changes.

  1. Which industry do you enjoy working in? Identify the products, services, development, people and the contribution you will make. Be sufficiently clear and be ready to adapt your message with input from others in friends, family and colleagues. Once you are clear on where you want to go, you must clearly communicate how the company, division, team, suppliers and clients you want to join and serve will benefit.
  2. Communicate your message to people you know and ask them to send it to people they know. Identify and engage key people in the company, team of division you want to join. Be clear how the company, division, suppliers and clients will benefit.
  3. Be visible and get involved, engage in the places and work you want to do.

About career change and resumes

Too many people hope their resumes will find work for them. Your resume is important, but it is much more important to be clear on what you want. Before you start writing your resume, get your story straight, know what kind of work you want and be 100% sure in which industry you want to work.

Notes for midlife career changers:

  • Be flexible on starting salary and expectations of compensation for work done.
  • Communicate the work you did before, during and after the tasks above.

Useful tools for career changes:

  • Do a sweep of what you know and who you know.
  • Do a sweep of what is in your diary that does not belong there and say no to the things that does not move you forward.
  • Search for what should be in your diary and schedule it.

Update: Click here if you are considering a midlife career change.

Find and grow careers of your choice or be able to change careers.

It is freely available!

Peer group leader makes money?

Workshop for mobilized peer groups. PoE included.

Then a peer group leader takes over workshops country wide.

Readingsoft document for fluency in the career area.

Vendor documentation.

The processes will let you will:

  1. Get the tools, knowledge and processes to enter any career
  2. Get connected to companies with the work place of your choice.
  3. Grow in the work place of your choice.
  4. Sustain your knowledge by practicing the processes with people around you.

Implement the following processes for a career you want or thought of. The processes will get you ready to search for your personal matched ideal career in an industry that is growing.

The same processes are applied to any or all careers, study choices and changing careers! Once you experienced the process you can apply the processes to implement any choice or change in careers.

The web site and services support you through your work life career growth and changes.

Processes that get you ready to choose and enter any career.

1.        Find access to the Internet. 1


3.        Information on Marketing careers 2

4.        Find work experience in the career of your choice: 3

5.        Accelerate with groups 4

6.        Accelerate with the organized web coaching. 4

7.        Repeat the processes for any career or career change. 4

8.        Related careers 4

1. Find access to the Internet.

Access Internet by asking someone you know; someone you know who knows someone; a business in the nearest town or your municipality offices.

(If you have access to Internet, make sure you have the internet assistance to do the career processes.)

(On the web sites: Grow your income and career faster and more certain: On ebio and Treetop you can signup for FURTHER assistance coaching you to gain knowledge, find work access, gain competencies and keeping the job. R100 per month you join groups on Skype or telephone to be assisted in advanced processes to learn and grow competencies. You keep on accelerating with us. Get coached for life to handle your boss, grow careers and even start businesses once you are experienced in the industry!)


  • Let a person who knows Internet help you search for information on the career you want at this time.
  • Let them help you to type, click and drag. You learn to use computers and the Internet! Have a look at:
  • Let them help you get a Gmail address as on
  • Open an email, address it yourself and use the space to capture what you find.
  • You will send it to yourself and Google will keep it safe forever.
  • You will use the information by repeating the steps as you grow.
  • Work in small groups of three to help each other grow. Advance the group processes with

You can grow by helping others do the same process you did.

Remember that

  • Once started any career, you can always change since you know how to.
  • You will grow your knowledge, relationships in the industry of choice and start working – guaranteed!
  • You will find all the tolls you require to bridge any gaps.
  • You will formalize and accelerate your career with formal education.

Examples for many careers are given. If your interest is not in the list, follow the procedure from any example while you use words describing your own interests.

3. Information on Marketing careers

Use Google search – it is clean and does not bombard you with useless popups and interference.

Let your guide help you with typing “Marketing careers” into Google search. Find sites that help you understand more about what it is you chose. Use the Dictionary site to understand all English words. Use Wikipedia to understand the concepts and learn more from the concepts mentioned on the web pages.

Sites for Marketing we found that get you started

Find books and magazines you can use in groups to learn from.

Join the associations of your choice and learn with them.

See extra processes on that let you learn with commitment and easier.

4. Find work experience in the career of your choice:

Use Google search and Telkom yellow pages to find real businesses in your area or nearest area where such businesses exist.

Use the standard letter to ask them to be useful in basic services like cleaning, tool carrying, and coffee making. Do anything that will make you useful and them to like you! The letter includes your purpose is purely to be useful while you learn – it is not a job and has no risk of employment consequences to the business.

Ask the people around you key questions about the work and the business to get involved and noticed while you learn.

Contribute basic work “free so that you can learn” for a number of days at one business and move to the next business if you are not moving forward in learning. Observe what they do and ask them to show you to do it so that you can be more useful to them.

Soon they will start paying you for being useful.

You chose the job, the career and the business that you want to learn about working with people in business.

Find a project to start marketing a local business, shop, organization and more!

5. Accelerate with groups

You find or meet people with similar industry interests to learn interactively with them.

In groups you access sources of expertise and keep each other going.

Peer group learning is a well known process – get ready for it and use it.

Group processes on

6. Accelerate with the organized web coaching

On you can identify gaps and bridge the gaps in language mastery, numeracy mastery, communication skills, self-exploration and much more!

Look at criteria for most jobs on in the USA.

With your email address you can signup on – it is free!

Signup on to get further assistance – it is free! The first coaching is included when you signup!

7. Repeat the processes for any career or career change.

You grow your life income as you gain knowledge, experience and education. The effort you put in will be rewarded in higher life income.

Calculate your own expectations of your work life income:

8. Related careers

You should have found related careers on the web sites you choose.

Here are examples! careers