Action Steps

Highly successful effective people live the Stephen Covey 7 habits.

They are pro-active with clarity on what they aim for and clear plans on how to get there.

A man without a plan for their career or business, get tired and take the wrong actions.

The successful and effective person with an  internal locus of control are:

  1. Pro-active with clear goals and actions
  2. Successful people’s actions are aimed at the end goal they have in mind
  3. Successful people allocate time to the things that come first

Successful and effective people’s approach to the external world include:

  1. Successful people think win/win and grow the cake for all and thus get a bigger slice
  2. Successful people question to understand others and make themselves understood in that context.
  3. Successful people synergize, collaborate and gain new opportunities and resources
  4. They sharpen the saw – keep working the plan and growing the plan.

The challenge remains to build the habits into your life. Click here for more action steps on Seven habits of highly effective people summary







This module will help you to organise and file the information that you have gathered during the course in an on-line, easy and accessible format, which can be updated. You should consider what you are going to do with the accumulated information and how you are going to present it. That is why we will introduce you to the on-line information library.  This library is as dynamic as the requirements of the people you are going to sell you services to. You can draw information from it and use the information library to keep yourself up to date and to build your own library.

In this module, we also help to identify and allow you to experience the processes used to access people with resources, existing infrastructures and relationships.  Now is the time to start drawing on the relationships, which you have developed over the last few months, and to benefit from them!  Congratulations on taking your first action steps towards contributing to others and growing your own income.

This module is short and filled with practical work that you will need to complete in order to do the presentations and workshops required by the assignment and PCAR053.  Have fun and remember the goals towards which you are striving.