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3.1 Introduction

You have experienced the processes on how to access people with resources and existing infrastructures in PCAR04Y.  You can now use the knowledge, access, resources and relationships that you gained to prepare for your career guidance workshop.

3.2 Preparation

What is the goal of your workshop and limited exhibition?

You want to reach everyone in your community through their existing social networks. The workshops will reach interested people within the community and potential career seekers and employers. You will want to offer and even sell your service and advertise your collaborators’ services to both career seekers and employers alike.

So, who is invited, where do you hold it, and what do you do?  All of these questions will be answered in this section.

3.2.1 Who is invited?

Remember to keep it small to complete your Career guidance course. In practice, you will invite the full list of people.  Right now, you simply want to prove the concept and experience by executing the task.

In practice, you will invite the following people: Potential employers and future employees.  All the people in the career seekers’ support structures must be informed and possibly meet each other to expand their worlds and support each other into work access.  Remember the support is sustained by the Career Guide Practitioner’s assistance (with the people in the career seekers support infrastructure) and the Internet (for access to the chosen industries and work within the industry).  So whom can you invite?

  1. Learners, Career seekers and career growers
  2. The career seeker’s support infrastructure in interest groups, family, and friends (Remember that the workshop forms them into interest groups.)
  3. Anyone in the community involved in career guidance: teachers, social workers, community development workers.  They form part of the support infrastructure.
  4. Any contributing and interested business people who need more employees or branding opportunities in the future:  The Internet makes businesses and resources accessible to the people in your workshops!  Publish your workshops on the web.  Use the web presence to inform, invite, and contact the relevant industries, work associations and businesses.
  5. People in associations affiliated with career guidance and job placement services who want to grow their organizations.  Each industry and job category has them.  Connect the learners, career seekers and career growers to them. Help them grow and they will help you.

For this assignment, you can invite the following people:

  1. Start with captive audiences in schools and other interested parties.  Contact your local school’s School Governing Body (SGB). They could already be aware of you and what services you bring from the contact you made in PCAR04Y.  A grade 11 class might be the ideal audience.  Anyone involved with this group like the teachers and interested parents should be invited.
  2. Is there a group that the business chamber or committee would like you to present to?  Use this group and include their family and friends.

3.2.2 Who will help?

Let us look at your goal for the workshop one more time:  Simply connect the learners, career seekers, career growers and people in their support structures to relevant industry associations, businesses and working people.  Can you see that the Business Chambers and committee members will be required, within reason, to support and assist the career seekers on their way? If you found that your goals overlap with theirs, and you can hold a workshop for their people, they will most likely assist you in the planning of this workshop and limited exhibition. You can always contact and communicate with these people via the internet and email.

You might not have the infrastructure, financial resources or the experience in events planning. It is therefore advisable to partake in existing events of the local business chambers, committees and human resource companies.  Make use of the value exchange model (refer to workbook slides) and help them with their goals and in the process gain the necessary experience, resources and knowledge. On the other hand you can also use the facilities at your local school or churches while in collaboration with the business chambers and committee.

3.2.3 Who wants to display and speak at your workshop and limited exhibitions?

Any person, institution, business or committee that can help you as career guide or your career seeker clients in their future careers can display at your exhibition.  Again, the committee and business chamber should be able to assist you with this. They want to be there to promote themselves and their organizations. It is a fair exchange of value with both parties gaining value.

3.2.4 How to use the slide set for the workshop

We have provided you with two presentation slide sets, one for when presenting to business chambers or committees and another for presenting a workshop with potential career seeker clients.  Please find “The Career Workshop Slide Presentation”.  on your CD.  For this Assignment, you are now going to use this set of slides.

Remember, you will present this workshop to other interested people like learners, career seekers and career growers in similar workshops. Again, try working your experiences from the course into your workshop slides.  For a successful workshop, you must be comfortable with the material. Improve on, and modify the slides until you are comfortable with using it for the workshop!  Edit the slide set we gave you the same as you did in PCAR04Y Unit 4.  Test the changes with the expert people you now know.

This presentation consists of the following three things:

  1. A slide set called “The Career Workshop Slide Presentation”.  Use this slide set for the assignment in this module.
  2. A slide set called “The Workbook guide”.
  3. A Word document called “The Tutor-book Guide”.
  • The Tutor-book guide contains the two slide presentations.  This guide is to be used and consulted, again in preparation of your Workshop in this module.
  • There is a vast amount of information in this section and it serves as an encapsulated and structured summary of the course for you to refer to and use when presenting your experiences and services to potential clients.
  • Each page in this document correlates with the slides in ‘The Career Workshop Slide Presentation”

This guide is to be printed and given to the people you present to.  The top part of the slides is the actual slide that you present. The bottom notes part has blank spaces for them to make notes on and questions to answer.  They can take this handout home.  The purpose of such a handout is to facilitate interaction in your workshop and to have them take something home to mull over.  The career seeker can discuss it with their family / friends to obtain support and spread the message.

These slides have much more information on for your audience to take home and discuss with their family and friends.  Unlike the presentation, this is a workshop and you will want to facilitate and encourage a lot of audience participation.

3.3 Assignment 01

PCAR053, Unit 3, Assignment 01

Present a workshop and limited exhibition

  1. Send invitations for your workshop, preferably via email or cell phone SMS.  The committee and/or business chamber, that you have presented to in the previous assignment, can be of assistance in finding interested people.  However, you can make use of any group or person that you have worked with during this course.  Another option is to contact your local school’s School Generating Body and start your workshop from there.
  2. Prepare your workshop with the people discussed in section 3.2.2.  Post your slide set on your Blog!
  3. Invite the people that you connected with during your course to display and advertise at your workshop.  Make sure that you have the necessary space and tools that they might need for such an exhibition.
  4. Use your prepared slides in the workshop as discussed in the previous unit.  Print the workbook slides and hand it out to your audience to make notes on and take home.
  5. Remember, your goal for these sessions is to help career seekers find their areas of interest in work & industry and possibly guide them to form interest groups to visit the industry / company of their interest and choice.
  6. It is now up to you to present your Workshop to your audience.  Remember to incorporate the applicable experiences and to include how you as individual learnt from the course and how these lessons can help the audience master basic competencies in preparation for career and personal growth.
  7. Take photos of the workshop and publish it on your Blog.  If you have the resources, and the capacity it is optional to record your workshop and publish it on Blog.  This is not only an excellent marketing for your own services, but also a way for us to see how you have grown!
  8. Get the email addresses of your audience and send your online careers exhibition link to them.   Remember that they might be your future clients, so keep them updated on your services.

3.4 Conclusion

Refer back to PCAR01V Unit 6 and Unit 7.  Do you remember why you had to keep a MiCareer Book?  It is meant to show the skills and competencies that you have developed during this course and it also depicts what you can do in practical terms for career seekers and students.  Now you have to communicate this information.  Select what you want to communicate and work it into your Blog.  Remember that this is your marketing tool.  Make sure that you communicate your opportunities, preferences, skills and experiences.

In order to pass PCAR053 you will need to submit the Internet link for your Blog.  Submit your project to Unisa in the correct manner as you have been requested to do in PCAR01V/101/2008.  Remember to include photos and details of your workshop (the place, people who attended, people who helped and advertised there) in your Blog.  This is our verification process, as we need to know that the work you do in PCAR has added value to your community.  After all – we can supply you with the theoretical guidelines, but you are the one who has to make things happen in your own community!

In this unit, you have presented the workshop with a small, limited exhibition and shared your experiences with career seekers and interested community members.  Remember, as in the previous assignment (of PCAR04Y), the careers workshop with a limited exhibition will start growing your career guidance network and future career or even business.  We congratulate you on moving on to the next assignment (PCAR053, Unit 4) where you will present your online careers exhibition.

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