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1.1 Introduction

You have experienced the processes of accessing people with resources, existing infrastructures and relationships in PCAR04Y.  You should now apply this knowledge; and the access to these resources and relationships, to prepare for your final assignments in PCAR053.

1.2 Reflection on the previous assignment

In the assignments for PCAR04Y, you had to make contact with people from a business chamber and local school governing body (SGB).

Your goal with the business chamber was to use the relationships of their members to allow learners, career seekers and career growers access to working people for work experiences. The work experiences happen within the nearest business community. They also gain early access to an introduction of work via videos and information on the web.

You now know that they need to gain access to work exposure in their chosen industry and chosen work. They need to be in the workplace with working people, get their experiences onto their CV and get the CV signed off by the working people, local committee members and possibly some of the leaders.

PCAR053, Unit 1, Activity 1

Let us review the feedback of your presentation to the business chamber committee and members

  1. How can you ensure that the learners, career seekers and career growers now get access to working people to gain workplace exposure through the business chamber’s members?
  2. How will the business chamber committee and members be willing to take part in your workshops and limited exhibition?
  3. Capture your personal experiences and discoveries on your Blog.
  4. Record your answers and any other experiences from the presentation in your MiCareer Book as part of your assignments.
  5. Your goal for the presentation to the (SGB) was to see how career development overlaps with their objectives and how your services can provide students with knowledge and guidance enabling them to make informed and correct subject and study choices. Further more, can you be of use to other committees and groups like the community development workers (CDW’s)? And, how can they assist the career seekers and students to access local and municipal resources, knowledge and infrastructure?

PCAR053, Unit 1, Activity 2

Let us review the feedback of your presentation to the Student Governing Body (SGB) OR a selected local committee.

  1. How can your career seekers now get access to resources, knowledge and infrastructure for access to workplace experience?
  2. How will they pro-actively take part in and support your career guidance workshops with limited exhibitions?
  3. How, where and when will you be joining in their yearly activities and help them so that you can help more learners, career seekers and career growers?
  4. Capture your personal experiences and discoveries on your Blog.
  5. Record your answers and any other experiences from the presentation in your MiCareer Book as part of your assignments.

1.3 The goal of the workshop and limited exhibition

The workshop, and limited exhibition supported by the online exhibition will reach interested people within the community, like potential career seekers and employers. You will want to offer and even sell your service and advertise your collaborators’ services to career seekers, placement agencies and employers alike.

What is the goal of your workshop, online exhibition and exhibition?  Your goal is to help career seekers find their areas of interest in work & industry, identify gaps with a plan to bridge these gaps and possibly guide them to form interest groups that can work together. These groups can visit the industry / company of their interest and choice.

Your final goal is therefore to organize common industry and work interest groups who can bridge gaps together as well as to visit companies. It is easier for groups than for an unsupported individual to gain this type of exposure and access!  It is almost impossible to describe the workplace to people with limited exposure to the workplace.  Why would the company say yes to such a group or community supported visit?


– Career workshops, limited/online exhibitions and exhibitions supported by the guidance process, are supported by local leaders.

– Groups are filtered to be interested in that industry/company or work.

– Students arrive with a supported and validated reason why they are interested in that job.

– Students gain an understanding of the gap between them and the work place and learn what actions to take (how to build skills to breach that gap).  This in turn ensures a better skilled and informed workforce for specific industries, saving them the costs of a wrong hire which can cost thousands of Rands.

– Experiences prepare them, excite them, and make them ready for Learnerships.

Can you see how you meet this final goal of integrating people with the workplace, with this workshop, online exhibition and limited physical exhibition?  This workshop (together with your exhibitions) hooks career seekers to opportunities, resources and you then act as the catalyst that hooks them to the world of work. They need to be supported at home and by people during this often-daunting new, unknown and scary access and exposure processes.

So, who is invited, where do you hold it, what do you do and how do you present an online exhibition? All of these questions are answered in this Module.

1.4 Overview of Module 5

This overview provides an overall view of what you will learn in this module.  You will find it useful to refer back to this page after completing each unit to see how the content fits into the bigger picture.

The suggested timetable for Unit 1 and Unit 2 is one week each.  Units 3 and 4 are suggested to be finished in 2 weeks each. If you keep to this schedule, you will have two weeks at the end of this module to complete your assignment.  That means that you will be able to finish the module within two months.


Here you will find a reflection on Module 4’s assignment and an overview of Module 5.


As career guide, you must show prospective job seekers how they can go to work with people who are working and are successful in their area of interest.  Your goal is to tutor the career seeker on how to be useful in order to learn and gain experience. The career seeker will become useful by experiencing observing, reflecting and then practice through doing under tutelage of the working person.

UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT 01 – The workshop with a limited physical exhibition

For this assignment, you will need to present a career guidance workshop with a limited, physical exhibition.  You want to reach everyone in your community through their existing social networks. You will start with presenting the workshop to captive audiences in schools and other interested parties.

UNIT 4  ASSIGNMENT 02 – The online careers exhibition

For the assignment, you will need to present an online careers exhibition.  The outcome of this career exhibition is a continuous, online career exhibition where you use the websites of companies (as in your careers library) and your experiences with career seekers.  You can enhance the online exhibitions using Google Groups, Delicious library, and communicating Blogs.  People in rural areas can now be introduced to, and view factories or companies without traveling.  They visit the factory through the Internet, reading up on peer group experiences from around the world.

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