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Key questions

  • Why should you keep all your careers information accumulated in this course?
  • How do you keep your careers information?


An abundance of work opportunities go begging because many potential takers do not know about them and/or do not have the competencies to take advantage of them. Information on these opportunities is available on the web and access is supported through associations, corporations, businesses and job agencies. Careers 24 is one of the sources of information and carrying out a general search on jobs in South Africa on will provide further information and contacts.

Remember, one can do the work of your choice in most industries. Most people have a passion and talents in a certain type of occupation rather than in a single industry. To add maximum value to your career seeker client, you need to accumulate information about all the industries you encounter on a continuous basis. The aim of this unit is to enable you, as a career guide, to start building an on-line library using the tools introduced in this unit. You will publish a version of this library to create an automatically updating on-line resource list for you and your fellow career guides to use, in order to provide an effective service.  Update your library with the new information found as a result of each new client.  Also, make use of the information obtained on your peers’ careers libraries.  In this way, you will have access to information on web sites, which are being updated by thousands of people worldwide!

After a few months, you will be able to function by yourself, with a wide variety of websites and diverse networks filed and documented in the shape of an on-line library.

The on-line careers library will form part of your on-line ‘exhibition’ supporting the careers workshop (your final assignment in Module 5).  This on-line exhibition has the potential to provide you with worldwide resources and audiences, which you can use to raise the level of awareness of local people regarding where and how they can benefit from international knowledge and opportunities.

Since the library is meant to communicate to teachers, parents and other potential pools of clients, it will make you visible to human resource companies, business chambers and many others.  It will assist you to earn placement fees that are paid by agencies and businesses for providing them with competent and willing people to work in their specific industry.

What you compile here is the first step towards a practical marketing approach. People will be able to view your library on-line and choose to buy your services. Remember you are now not only giving your client up to date opportunities, but you are indirectly starting a service, as your client will talk to others about his/her success due to your service. This markets your services. In your own time you might want to look at marketing strategies and possibilities on the web in general and on


You have already started to accumulate the necessary information in PCAR01V to PCAR03X.  Now you need to organise and adapt it to your situation and environment. PCAR04Y and PCAR053 will help you with the presentations and workshops by providing templates that you can adapt to local infrastructures, resources and organisations as career guidance entry-level stepping-stones.

However, let us focus on your first step to create your own on-line careers information library.  Remember to include local web sites and work access points to the library of information in order to prepare for up to date career exhibition workshops and career guidance relevant to the group or community with whom you are working.

Always remember to keep on updating and communicating!

Look at this very useful and thought-provoking site, used to organize practical libraries on-line.

PCAR04Y, Unit 2, Activity 1

  1. Open the Delicious online library
  2. You will find a careers library with a list of websites (some of them we have previously discussed in this course), but it also contains some new websites.  We will keep the careers.library list of bookmarks updated to keep you as career guide up to date with new tools and up to date information.  The aim of this activity is thus for you to register your own account.  Use the explanation on how to create and use a library on delicious, as a guideline and resource to create your own localized on-line careers library.
  3. The site has various tools to assist you in creating tags (categories to keep your related sites sorted) as well as tag bundles, which allow you to sort the tags into easily accessible and manageable units.  Use the Delicious online library and see what we have done there.  Remember that this is merely a guideline for you to use.
  4. This library also enables you to add people or other career guides to your network.  As a team of career guides, you can work together to keep each other updated and to provide support when working with clients.  Expand your local personal offer by using and applying all the web experience that you have gathered; register your own account with web site and start building on it.
  5. Delicious can become a very powerful filing and sharing tool which will keep you up to date with the newest and most relevant websites.  As a team, you can thus keep all the information up to date as well as help one another with queries and searches.
  6. Capture your personal experiences and discoveries while completing the above activities in your MiCareerBook for the CV exercises and assignments.


You are now ready to keep on building your own library, containing information for career access workshops and on how to help others create their own libraries of resources with opportunities for work access. The career workshops are intended to show the progression from the start of work access towards and including growth at work.  This process of progression is shown in PCAR01V through to PCAR053:

  • PCAR01V: Theme research: Personality, aptitude, interest, values and careers in which you create awareness, engage, explore, discover, plan.
  • PCAR02W: Data gathering, analysis and interpretation in which you prepare for communication.
  • PCAR03X: Parent, community, employer involvement and entrepreneurship in which you meet the people and practise communication.
  • PCAR04Y: Career path information and careers exhibition in which you prepare the story, exhibition and workshops for work access process.
  • PCAR053: Holistic approach to community based career guidance in which you connect people into learning, working and earning.

You can catalogue your library according to this progression.


Keep your libraries going and use it as an on-line exhibition, ready at a moment’s notice. It will help you with workshops and on-line exhibition preparation. It will grow into a formidable source of information that will, in time, enable you to help people on an on-line basis. This also enables you to help many people simultaneously.  The level of your network and your information foundation will determine your level of success.  You should therefore keep on growing your on-line library for as long as you are involved with career guidance.

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I am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have built and sold many of my own multi-million dollar companies. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. I invest in people. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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