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Key questions

  • How would you guide someone through the same process which you went through in this module?
  • Why would you recommend and insist on the idea of involving a career seeker’s community in his/her development action plan?
  • With whom will you connect him/her?
  • Can you convince a career seeker that there are opportunities for competent people with a healthy work ethic and a CV showing all his/her work experience?
  • What is entrepreneurial behaviour and how can one benefit from adopting the thinking style along with an extended network of resources?


In this, the final unit of Module 3, it is time for you to put some of the skills and knowledge to practical use. It is recommended that you involve someone who is already familiar with the process and the course from Module 1 and/or 2 to work with you in this unit. If this is not possible you can put forth hypothetical (imagine how it might be) answers to the questions that will follow.

Use and work from the activities that you have completed in the previous units. If you completed them and worked through them thoroughly, this unit should not be too difficult for you, and your career seeker client will benefit from it. This is a chance for you to practise and clarify the process which you will eventually use for paying clients.

The following sections (6.2-6.5) are the body of your assignment for PCAR03X. Create a suitable Introduction, and then answer the items listed under each of the following sections.


6.2.1 Start by explaining what the Johari Window is about and the purpose that it serves. Guide the career seekers through the process of self-discovery and help each one of them to fill in their own Johari Window. Encourage them to receive input from family or friends. This could also include yourself if you know the person well.

6.2.2 Take the career seeker through every part of the PCAR course (all three the modules that you have completed). . As you have been through the same process and experiences, you can guide your client through them. You are sharing your own personal experience with them. Guide them towards completing their own Venn diagram. Keep in mind that you are preparing your career seekers to communicate their results and interests to their own family and friends. Use adjectives from the Johari Window to help the career seekers achieve their goal. Here is a tip: do not tell them about yourself, but merely do the activities with them – they need to focus on themselves!

6.2.3 The next step is to coach the career seeker how to explain and present the results to their family, friends or employer. Also explain why it is important to gain the support of the people in his context. This will increase his/her chances of success.

6.2.4 Finally, you have to compile the results of the above process. This means that you will refer to the completed Venn diagram and the Johari Window along with a recording (written or audio) of the process and the career seeker’s experience.

6.2.5 Write a short summary of each of the above processes and submit it as part of your assignment.


6.3.1 Briefly explain to the career seekers the importance of the community and the employer in the context of finding a job.

6.3.2 Develop an action plan to help each one of your career seekers to connect to his/her relevant community or communities.  The relevance will be determined by their current interests or needs. When this is determined, answer the following questions:

  • Why did you choose the specific community or society and what are the projected benefits?
  • What are the steps you will take to bring your client to the relevant people?  Examples would include the business chambers, the CDW (Community Development Workers), societies or clubs.
  • Finally, if there were any gaps discovered that would keep you or your client from successfully accessing these resources, how would you go about bridging them?

6.3.3 Write a summary of each of the above steps to submit for your assignment.


6.4.1 In this assignment, it is up to your client to give you a mark out of 100.  You must be as briefly as possible and able to explain and convince your client of the following:

  • there are opportunities and jobs for competent people;
  • what a healthy work ethic constitutes and how it benefits everyone who adopts it;
  • there are ways to overcome all the challenges that lie ahead.

If you did the above successfully and your client has given you a percentage mark of 60% and higher, you can move on to the next section.  If your mark is less that 60%, just do it all again!

6.4.2 Help your client complete a CV if he/she does not already have one.  Refer back to Module 2, Unit 5 for completing a CV.  Now incorporate your previous experiences into this and identify places where you can improve and add beneficial information to the person’s CV. Therefore, it is up you to start identifying solutions to potential uncertainties.  Be careful now as we would like you record, as briefly as possible, the process you went through.

Note that we designed this process to prepare your clients for the world of work and to start equipping them to access it.


6.5.1  Start by explaining to the career seeker what Entrepreneurial practices and behaviours entail.  The better you teach yourself to explain this to career seekers, the more impact you will have on their lives and the more benefit you will able to bring to the process.

6.5.2  Once you feel comfortable that your client understands the above, you must show him/her what resources are available to him/her.  Note. All this information is in unit 5 of this module.

6.5.3 The next step is to choose three specific resources from the following four sectors: Business, Civic, Civil, and International to answer the following questions:

  • Why and how will they benefit your client?
  • Alternatively, why will they not benefit your client?

6.5.4 Write a short summary of the above activities which you submit as part of this assignment.

At the end of doing and recording the items in all the above sections, you need to complete Assignment 01 for PCAR03X by writing a suitable conclusion.

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