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Key questions

  • Can you use choose and use questions and questionnaires to help people explore and discover their industries, work and building careers?
  • Can you use interviews to challenge and guide people to choose careers and take action?
  • Can you guide your clients to engage working people in the industries of choice, contribute to them and learn from them?
  • Can you apply the information from PCAR01V in PCAR02W?


You are now prepared to gain and share information while communicating with others about career choices. You are also ready to let career seekers experience the same processes for themselves and to develop their abilities through interviews, questionnaires and by building relationships based upon preferences and traits discovered through exploration and discovery.  You can use open and closed questions and you have chosen questionnaires from the Internet to make your explorations and discoveries available for public use.  You will now repeat the process with career seekers and prepare them for public communication in a similar fashion.

You will re-apply the career guidance process for your clients the same way you used the processes to prepare yourself for your communication with your family, community and in your work of choice.  As a career guidance practitioner you will also communicate and transmit the communication competencies and preparation for a career to the career seeker. The aim of this unit is to assess to what extent you have prepared yourself for PCAR03X.  This will be made clear through your own preparation for your communication by practising with the same career seeker group from Assignment 1 in PCAR01V.

Please refer to PCAR02W/101/2008 for further guidance to complete and submit Assignment 01 of Module 2. PCAR02W/101/2008 confirms that Assignment 01 for PCAR02W consists of five activities which have to be completed in real life. Did you realise that the Assignment number stays the same, but the module code changed? You are given the opportunity to get the career seekers of the group you worked with in the Assignment of PCAR01V Unit 7&8, to validate that they have benefited from the work, which you have done with them.

Assignment 01, PCAR02W, Unit 5, Activity 1

Carefully plan a discussion that you intend on holding with the chosen group of people.  In this discussion you will illustrate how the career seekers themselves will prepare to communicate their traits, preferences and industry of choice to their family, community and work of choice.  In other words, you will guide them to build their network.

Try working with the people whom you engaged in the previous assignment.  You already have a relationship with them.  Keep in mind that this assignment builds on your previous work and conversations with the career seeker group.  They might want to finish this career/job seeking process!  However, you can also continue to use your two partners if you struggled to gather a career seeker group.  Help them to update their MiCareer Book and BLOG. Combine the Blog with the MiCareer Book as it serves as an online reference to be used by the owner.

You have already learned about the career seekers’ (your clients or group members) various aptitudes, skills, strengths and communication ability.  You have helped them become aware of these attributes and any possible gaps which they should give attention to or take into consideration when they go job hunting.  By now, the career seeker should have a list of two to five possible job opportunities in accordance with their interests and attributes. Are they trying to bridge the gaps in requirements for access to the jobs?  Are they starting to become consciously aware of the opportunities that are available to them once they gain access and educate themselves?

  • Capture this experience (their growth and awareness) and the learning curve in your own words in your MiCareer Book.


Assignment 01, PCAR02W, Unit 5, Activity 2

Review the career seekers’ information from the PCAR01V assignment and choose from the free web free questionnaires and questions for each one of the topics (personality, interest, aptitude, values and interests).Verify your examples of questionnaires with your two partners before you use them with your group.

  • Prepare for a session where you explain the use of questions and questionnaires that assist the career seeker to explore and discover work related traits and preferences.
  • Let the career seekers review their own information.  They must learn to repeat this process throughout their lives.  So, let them practice to review the questions themselves, populate the Johari and communicate it to their family and friends.  Make sure they understand that these questions are answered contextually or within a specific situation. In other words, their situation or emotion and understanding of the words at the specific moment define their answers.  You must try to get the career seekers in the routine of exploring and discovering by themselves.
  • The career seeker now matches these discoveries with his/her studies, industry and work.  Demonstrate this process practically for each career seeker in the group (see next section).
  • Remember to capture your experiences and learning curve in your MiCareer Book.


You already practised questioning and interviewing during the activities in your own groups.  After fulfilling each one of the following three roles, namely the role of facilitator, observer and candidate (repeating the session three times) you should feel more comfortable about presenting your talks to career seeker groups.

Assignment 01, PCAR02W, Unit 5, Activity 3

If possible, work in groups of two to three, with the career seekers.  Let them participate in the roles of the observer and the candidate.

  • Explain and exchange the roles after you have finished the interview with the first candidate.  Each time the career seekers observe the process from a different perspective. Observing this process several times creates greater awareness of the processes for the career seekers!
  • Use critical questionnaires and critical questioning (open and close-ended questions) to challenge how and whether the traits of the career seekers match with their chosen area of study, industry and work choice.  The process lets them expand their choices and grow their communication skills at the same time. Apply the processes and let them use the questionnaires and questioning to each of their areas of personality, interest, talent and aptitude.  Make sure you use the websites from PCAR02W, Unit 3 and Tutorial Letter PCAR01V/103/2008 when preparing for the interviews).
  • Remember to capture your experiences and learning curve in your MiCareer Book.


Assignment 01, PCAR02W, Unit 5, Activity 4

  • Apply the process outlined in Section 5.3.
  • Show examples of old relationships and suggest possible new ones that can be built to fit work and industry access, matched to their individual traits and interests. Remember how selected relationships can benefit any individual in any field.
  • Remember to capture your experiences and learning curve in your MiCareer Book.


You have explored and discovered your own personal information and you have applied the process to access personal information in small groups.  It is now time for the summary of your MiCareer Book for public use.  Remember that you need to experience all the processes in order to guide career seekers to experience the same. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for communication with members of the world of work and you need to prepare your career seekers to do the same.

Assignment 01, PCAR02W, Unit 5, Activity 5

Open  This website will guide you in compiling a CV.  Then, if you want to go more advanced, open Now you can go and find websites that suits you and have resumes for your industries.

Remember to use Dictionary and Wikipedia or a Google search extensively to learn more about the subject and to find your own websites.

Compile a short CV in which you describe your discovery process:

  1. Your traits and work preferences
  2. The careers/industry areas that you are interested in
  3. The gaps you need to bridge
  4. The plan to bridge these gaps and
  5. At least one business or employment prospect.
  • Help the career seekers you worked with in the group to gather and compile the same information.
  • Make a summary of each one of the three CV’s and submit these summaries as part of your assignment for PCAR02W.
  • Include aspects from the process of constructing the CV’s that you feel are most important.  Use the information that you gathered in your MiCareer Book to compile a piece where you communicate what you have learnt, and make notes about what you can improve on.  Also, note the aspects that went well and that you are pleased with.  Submit this piece as part of your assignments for PCAR02W
  • Discuss the summary with your group members and make sure to listen carefully so that they can help you create your summary.  The successful implementation of the exploration and discovery process with your group therefore determines the level of success in this module.


At the end of doing and recording the items in all the above sections, you need to complete Assignment 01 for PCAR02W by writing a suitable introduction and conclusion.  Arrange all of the above in a folder and hand it in at UNISA.  Submit your project to Unisa in the correct manner as you have been requested to do in PCAR02W/101/2008.  Also, post your assignment on your Blog.  This will serve as a footprint for potential career seekers in the future.

You are now prepared to communicate what you have learnt to a group of career seekers. You will include practical examples and real life experiences. You are therefore not just completing a course but also a practical training exercise with real experiences to present as evidence. It is possible to help people around you but first we practise how to effectively communicate the value you can add to your clients. We will do this through practising in a safe environment such as your group again. Please refer to the specific section where the first practice round took place.

Congratulations on working through your second module! You will have successfully completed it once you have submitted your assignment and been awarded a mark which states that you have been found to be competent (60% and above).

Now you should be ready for the next exciting experiences.

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