Module 2, Unit 1: Introduction

by Unre Visagie


After completing this module, you should be able to do the following competently:

  • find jobs with matching earnings potential that relates to traits and attributes explained in Module 1.
  • ensure the match by cross checking and using critical questioning.
  • communicate interests to attract and access resources.
  • identify the obstacles preventing access to industries and jobs.
  • know how to access industries and jobs.


Bongani is uncertain of how to manage his life after school.  He is in Grade 12 and does well at school and wants to continue his studies after school.  However, Bongani cannot decide what he should study – whether he should play sport professionally, farm or study for a career in the technical, scientific, medical, legal or engineering fields. With so many opportunities it is hard to choose. Bongani does not really know the requirements for entry into the various industries and the multitude of job possibilities within them. What are the gaps in his knowledge? How can he bridge them? Where can he find the necessary resources?

Consequently, he decides to visit his Career Guidance Practitioner where he explores and discovers his interests, values, aptitudes and career preferences. He then finds Ezines, White Papers, magazines and other literature about his career preference and interests. He finds the companies nearest to him and organises a group to visit them. He learns more concepts and terms about the industry in which he is interested and gains clarity about the work of his choice and how to build a career. He realises that jobs are plentiful and he becomes aware of the gaps he needs to fill to find a job. As a result, he tackles his studies diligently as the direction he wants to follow becomes clearer. He even attends extra classes where needed and improves his grades. Bongani intuitively knows what he wants. His prior decisions in family and school activities have indicated strongly to him what this is and he will obtain feedback from them during the Career Practitioner processes.

Bongani can also get a professional opinion from an educational psychologist if he requires further information.  The tests used by these psychologists are graded against a norm based on Western standards and norms.  However, this means that the outcome is not always applicable to local people.  There is also a range of personality tests on the Internet.  Knowledge is power and being knowledgeable about oneself is paramount in utilising that power.

In this module, you will practise job-finding skills with someone in your group or with a friend or family member. It is important that you gain practical experience and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.   This will demonstrate to you how to find, organise and communicate by the process of awakening your own interests and then accompanying a group member, friend or family member through the same process. This will reflect the process that Bongani has to go through in the above example. Remember your personal exploration and discovery process in Module 1 and try to re-apply that process. In addition, always remember to capture the results and your experiences in your MiCareer Book and MiActivity Book. This module also indicates the beginning of the accumulation of a long reference list of accessible resources. These resources would include the introduction on access to money and the expansion of possible work opportunities (from your exploration and discovery in Module 1).


It is important that you are aware of the benefit of exploring and discovering. The Career Guidance Practitioner uses these formalised processes to gain a greater vocabulary to describe the interests and talents of his/her clients. It is the Career Guide’s task to help the career seeker use the information to identify and locate suitable industries and the jobs within them.

After the career seekers have learned about their various aptitudes, skills, strengths and communication abilities, the Career Guide can help them become aware of the requisite attributes and current gaps.  The Career Guide will also assist them to bridge those gaps while they become conscious of the available opportunities. Remember some people only need to become aware of opportunities to get moving. Others will need more guidance and support over an extended period.

Remember that your aim is eventually to guide your client through the same processes as in Module 1.

Moreover, always remember to capture the experiences with your career seeker or client in your MiCareer Book and on your Blog. This will eventually grow into a list of experiences that you can re-apply during your dealings with other clients.  The process to identify a list of job choices is discussed in more detail in Module 2 Unit 2.

After you have made your client aware of the opportunities and gaps, you can expand the search for more work options and opportunities. Apply your own expertise on the web and the information regarding career guidance to guide your client through the web while using his/her own interests and aptitudes and relevant descriptive words. This will ensure that your client grows independently and that he/she will remain interested because it is his /her personal journey with you as a guide.

Module 2, Unit 1, Activity 1

Work with your group and make a list of five possible job opportunities in accordance with the client’s interests and attributes.

  1. Enter his/her favorite work keywords using Google as a search engine.  Scan the first few hits for interesting websites.  This will produce new and relevant keywords, industries and opportunities.  Use these words in more searches.
  2. Use the results and search for businesses in a specific geographical area (nationally or internationally).
  3. Write industry specific words and combine them with words in the client’s talent and interest area.
  4. Use Dictionary and Wikipedia or Google search extensively to learn more about the subject.
  5. Capture your personal experiences and discoveries in your Blog for the CV exercises.
  6. Record your experiences from completing the above activities in your MiCareer Book as part of your assignments.


This is a practical experience of the type of situation you will encounter as a Career Guide. You will need to build up your experience with the process and other people to succeed in this field.  This exercise is merely a tool to achieve that goal.  Moreover, to help others you must understand and believe that there are many opportunities up for grabs. One of the ways to grasp these opportunities is to repeat the exercises with your clients in order for them to be enabled to access industries and production.  In the following units, we will examine how these exploration processes can enable you to help students gain knowledge about themselves as unique individuals and make informed and realistic career decisions.


The overview gives you a broad picture of what you will explore and discover in this module.  Refer to this after completing each unit and see where everything fits in.


The expected outcomes for the PCAR02W (Module 2) are summarised.

The first unit’s aim is to help you become more aware of your role as a career guidance practitioner.  The concept of finding jobs and organisations are therefore introduced and experienced.


Explore and discover through questionnaires and questioning how to expose the career seeker to various industries and types of work.


Prepare the career seeker for successful entry into university or college and access to the work place through interviews.


Explore and discover interpersonal relationships throughout existing and new networks with sociometry and social networks while also learning the value of selected networks.


Integrate your knowledge, complete the assignments and get ready for the next Module.

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I am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. I have built and sold many of my own multi-million dollar companies. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company. I invest in people. As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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