Career Change

How to Start, Manage & Plan Your Career Change

by Unre Visagie

The list of career change posts:

Are you considering a career change? Currently we are putting together a list of resources specifically for midlife career changers. Although most of the coaching videos below apply to any career change situation. We start with the top reasons people consider a career change and then look at each of these reasons in detail. The first item in the list as an overview of these initial triggers leading to a career change. Every sub item is a specific reason, looked at in detail by Career Coach, Unre Visagie.

The Top Midlife Career Change Reasons

I Hate My Job! and what to do about it…

I am not getting paid enough for the work I do

My job is great, but it is getting a bit boring and I need more challenges

I have too many job choices and I need help making a career change choice

I am completely bored with my current job and urgently need a change

Midlife Career Change Without the Stress

How to Generate Career Change Ideas

How to Change Careers Safely & Securely

How to Make a Career Change at 40

How to Write a Career Change Cover Letter That Work