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How to take any business, company or career from good to great.

You simply take your people through the layers of development.

People grow their careers to deliver more value and the company grows more value to clients and thus more wealth.

It could not be easier?

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Practical good to great careers, personnel, business or comapnies











Simply let the team discuss and grade each other.

It is surprisingly accurate. Involve a Human resource manager in case of fall outs!

You can form your own groups, friends, family to do the same exercises.

There are many tools, process and models to get more value out of the exercises.

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For a more recent detailed Mindmap summary of the seven habits click this link:

Seven habits of highly successful people


The summary of implementation of the seven habits of highly effective people could be printed and view as reminder and re-inforcement.

The seven habits starts inside your mind and work outwards to the people you interact with. Remember:

  • You never require permission to do the right thing.
  • You require the seven habits and loads of skills.
  • The people from successful families get the skills at home.
  • Now all people can acquire the same success skills.

A.  Implement the habits driving your actions

  1. Take action aligned with a communicated plan and be pro-active
  2. Always align the actions with the end goal in your mind
  3. A clearly defined and communicated plan let you keep first things first

B. Implement the habits where you interact with others

  1. Grow your space to learn more, do more and earn more. Think win/win in all your interactions.
  2. Learn a lot from others and increase the access to resources and opportunities. Seek to understand others. Reflection and questioning skills.
  3. Work interactively with others to contribute more and thus gain more. Synergize and collaborate nnn

C. Keep it going and keep growing. Sharpen the saw

Please use the printable version as a reminder.

Click here to start implementing right away. Remember it all starts with your habits. You can accquire new habits in 28 days using the simple three steps to move from unconsciously aware to sub-consciously competent.

Highly successful effective people live the Stephen Covey 7 habits.

They are pro-active with clarity on what they aim for and clear plans on how to get there.

A man without a plan for their career or business, get tired and take the wrong actions.

The successful and effective person with an  internal locus of control are:

  1. Pro-active with clear goals and actions
  2. Successful people’s actions are aimed at the end goal they have in mind
  3. Successful people allocate time to the things that come first

Successful and effective people’s approach to the external world include:

  1. Successful people think win/win and grow the cake for all and thus get a bigger slice
  2. Successful people question to understand others and make themselves understood in that context.
  3. Successful people synergize, collaborate and gain new opportunities and resources
  4. They sharpen the saw – keep working the plan and growing the plan.

The challenge remains to build the habits into your life. Click here for more action steps on Seven habits of highly effective people summary

A quick summary of the seven habits of highly effective people:

Habit 1: Be proactive in doing and planning

Habit 2: Begin with a very clear end in mind

Habit 3: First things first, invest your time wisely

Habit 4: Have a win/win mindset

Habit 5: Understand the other party first, then help them understand you

Habit 6: Find synergy between parties and focus on these overlaps

Habit 7: Sharpen your edge, keep growing and keep it going

For a very detailed and thorough step by step guide to the 7 habits: Habits of successful people

Successful and effective people choose the success habits they acquire.

Now we all can learn these habits.

What are the easy steps then by which you can acquire any new way of work or doing it habitually?

  1. Simply buy a book or a course in the effective habits.
  2. Read the book or print one of the summaries on this web site.
  3. Share in your work groups, family and with friends
  4. Start practicing the habits.
  5. Gain access to people doing it already and make them part of the processes.

Companies like Hewlett Packard (HP) enforced these habits in the work teams. They had a train the trainer program.

We all have habits from the past. Our habits comes from past experiences, what we believe and what we value.

We learned these habits from observation of what works in our families, friends, schools and other interactions.

The highly successful people learn the right habits from other highly succesful people at home, school and work.

We applied the habits in our families, work teams and with friends. Our companies paid for the training and then we ensured that the training is inculcated in the ways we work.

To read more and get more assistance simply click here: Covey habits

The book Seven habits from Steven Covey offers great advice.

To make the Covey habits yours, you need to practice each one over a period of 28 days or use the three step processes that take you from unconsciously unaware of the Covey habits to subconsciously competent in each habit.

We build the habits into our work teams, families and companies over the last 20 years and more.

The structure of the habits and the ongoing discussions around each one during real life situations makes the difference.

Between knowing and doing remains one of the largest gaps to success.

Thank you again to Stephen Covey for a great book on an important subject.

For a complete summary click here: Covey 7 habits

How do you find, acquire and practice the habits of highly effective people, families, work teams and businesses?

Where do find these habits?

What happens to people who practice the habits?

The old long term successful people, families and companies always had it and always practice the seven habits.

Now all people can know, practice and live the 7 habits.

The processes and steps are shared on this web site.

Please click here for more information, summaries and more:  Covey 7 habits

People with the 7 habits simply earn more with much less effort.

How do highly successful highly effective people do it?

Successful and effective people DO:

  1. Communicate their plans pro-actively to the people they choose.
  2. Choose actions to arrive at the end goal
  3. Focus on the right activities out of the plan first
  4. Ensure the others win from the interaction, while they get what they require
  5. Understand the other person, client, family first. They listen much better to what you want when they know you heard them.
  6. Ensure you drive the synergies to mutual benefit
  7. Now keep your plan and implementation going and growing.

We need processes that let us overcome our fears of (driven form the past beliefs and values), failure, rejection, getting hurt and looking stupid.

For more click here to implement the: Habits of highly effective people

To be or become effective means you do the right thing right at the right time.

Clear communicated goals let you focus and be energized to tackle almost any obstacle in your path.

We build teams, companies and more using the known processes. So can you.

Think back when and where you really want something. Is it not amazing how much creativeness, energy and drive you had towards this clear communicated goal?

Applying the seven habits with family, friends and work groups will have that magic effect.

Please share any results widely on Social media and in your circles of influence.

Please click here for more detail: Seven habits of highly successful people

What to do with 7 habits of highly effective successful people?

How to implement the seven habits of highly successful and effective people?

Always remember it is your choice. It all starts with YOU!

  1. The first three habits is you by yourself communicating and contributing to family, work and friend groups.
  2. The second three guides you to interact with others to their and your gain.
  3. Keep going and keep growing. You will be amazed what you can achieve.

It ends with:  “If it is to be done, it is up to me.”

We used the 7 habits to great effect in companies, work teams, family and friends.

Our past and current experiences and processes are shared on this web site.

One example is that we found joining the right groups on social sites accelerates the seven habits to effectiveness and success of anyone.

Please click here for more on 7 habits